Robert Downey Jr’s Exit From The MCU Was Spoiled For Zendaya, And Betcha Can Guess Whodunnit

Spider-Man gliding with MJ in No Way Home
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Nobody likes movie spoilers. There’s a constant battle among movie fans to want to know what’s going on with projects they are excited about, while also avoiding learning all the details so the story can unfold and be exciting and unexpected. Learning big movie spoilers before a movie is ever seen can reduce the impact of watching them for the first time. Unfortunately, when you’re Zendaya, avoiding spoilers must be tough. It appears Tom Holland gave away the end of Avengers: Endgame to her. Because of course he did.

Tom Holland has built something of a reputation as a source for accidental spoilers. While he’s generally been good recently, there have been many stories about him not being given complete information about the scenes he was even in simply because the powers that be were afraid he’d spill the beans. And it seems those fears were warranted as he did tell somebody about a major Endgame event before the movie was out. 

In a recent interview with Tara Hitchcock, the three musketeers of the Spider-Man movies, Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon were asked about movie moments they wish they could experience again for the first time, without knowing what was going to happen. In response, Zendaya revealed that she wishes she could experience the fate of Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe without knowing what was going to happen, because it turns that she knew how that would all play out even the first time she saw Avengers: Endgame, thanks to one Tom Holland, who players dumb in response. Here’s the exchange... 

[staring at Tom Holland]: As far as spoilers I wish I didn’t know, I wish I didn’t know about Iron Man before that movie came out.

While Tony Stark’s fate at the end of Avengers: Endgame was perhaps not that surprising, most of us didn’t know going into the film exactly what would happen. There were a number of ways things could have gone. It wasn’t until the final moments that it was clear that, yes, they really were going to sacrifice Iron Man.. 

And even being aware going into the movie that Tony Stark would die, if that was all you knew, it might still be ok. Finding out how and when that would happen would still be potentially exciting. Of course, with Tom Holland, we have to assume he gave away more than just the broad strokes.

If there’s a plus side to the fact that Tom Holland might be taking something of a break in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then it might be that he won’t be privy to any major events before they happen. Now he can stop spoiling movies.  

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