The Russo Brothers Share Incredible Fan Art Of The Avengers, But If It Had Been Directed By Wes Anderson

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The internet has become a wonderful palace where people can share their art and one thing that we see often is an artistic rendering of how a particular actor might look playing a famous role. However, what would happen if a popular movie was directed by somebody else? One digital artist has imagined what The Avengers would look like if it was directed by Wes Anderson, and even the Russo Brothers are impressed. 

Wes Anderson certainly has a unique aesthetic when it comes to his films. He has a particular use of color and blocking that really exemplifies the phrase “every frame a painting.” So we can probably all sort of imagine what Wes Anderson’s Avengers would look like, even if the idea is clearly bizarre. Digital artist Adam Hall put exactly this together, and the Russo Brothers shared the images, saying it’s actually a movie they want to go see. 

This art is pretty amazing. It’s A.I. assisted art, but even most of the work posted by this artist looks like it was drawn, not like it was posed with real people. If this can be accomplished with this technology it seems likely we will begin to see a lot more of this sort of thing from other artists. 

It certainly doesn’t look much like the MCU that we know. Part of the idea is that not only would this be a Wes Anderson directed Avengers but it would be one from decades before the movie actually came out. As such, what really sets this all apart is the use of costumes that look much more real than the largely CGI creations we get in the actual films.

In the end, this whole idea is probably best as still images. The real thing, if it was attempted, probably wouldn’t end up as creative and bizarre as these pictures look. At the same time you want to see this because in addition to looking amazing the dialogue in this movie would likely be incredible. 

The first batch of images proved so popular, largely due to the Russo Brothers boosting the signal, that the artist Adam Hall created some additional shots that are just as good as what came before. 

And who knows, the multiverse is real, right? That means that somewhere there is probably a Marvel Cinematic Universe that looks like this. We’ve seen Star Wars as interpreted by anime artists, so perhaps we could see Marvel characters given a similar treatment with other filmmakers. It feels unlikely that Wes Anderson would be interested in tackling the Avengers, but who knows, crazy things happen sometimes.  Maybe there's room for a one-off special in Marvel's upcoming Phase 5.

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