Michelle Pfeiffer Was ‘Obsessed’ With Catwoman, But Says Landing The Role Was A Fluke

Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns
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While multiple actors have played Batman’s love interest/foe Catwoman over the decades, many will still say Michelle Pfeiffer is their favorite version. The Oscar-nominated actress left an impression as she brought the cat-loving DC villain to the big screen in 1992’s Batman Returns. While audiences couldn’t imagine another actor playing the character, Pfeiffer revealed landing the role was a fluke after exposing herself as a Catwoman fanatic.

Even three decades after playing the DC femme fatale, the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star is still asked about her memorable take. While promoting the upcoming Ant-Man sequel, the Hollywood A-lister was interviewed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Despite nabbing notable roles over her illustrious career, Pfeiffer admitted she has stage fright and has backed out or gotten dismissed from roles she’s taken. However, there was one exception as she admitted to being obsessed with the iconic DC character. Although she almost didn’t score the role in Batman Returns as the Hollywood star explained she wasn't the first choice for the role:

No, I didn’t. Because I was obsessed with Catwoman since I was a little girl. And actually, someone was cast before me: Anette Bening, who is wonderful. And then she got pregnant, awesome. And then I got the part!

Well, there you have it. Annette Bening’s pregnancy led to Pfeiffer’s dream coming true. It would be nice to know if it was Tim Burton’s take on the character or growing up reading the Batman comics and watching Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar’s Catwoman portrayals in the 1960s live-action series Batman that turned Pfeiffer into a fan of the character.

While Bening is an amazing actor, the Ant-Man 3 star turned in a performance Batman fans -young and old – still talk about to this day. If the Oscar nominee hadn’t played the Cat, viewers would’ve never gotten moments like the viral one-take whip-cracking video. Her performance in the superhero film wowed fans as well as her co-star Michael Keaton who had nothing but positive things to say. Despite several actors, including Halle Berry and Zoë Kravitz, playing the iconic anti-hero, many fans still cite Pfeiffer as the definitive Catwoman.

As memorable as her Catwoman performance was, the Hollywood icon hasn’t been asked back by DC Studios to reprise her role. This could be seen as the missed opportunity with Keaton donning the cowl again in the much-delayed The Flash and the canceled Batgirl. Seeing Keaton and Pfeiffer back together onscreen would be a treat for Batman Returns fans. The 64-year-old actress is open to returning for another go with the whip despite not being asked back. Maybe under James Gunn’s direction, she could play Selina Kyle once more if it falls within his plans for DC’s new slate.

While Michelle Pfeiffer stays open to another DC appearance, she’s currently Team Marvel as she gears up for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaina which is scheduled to hit theaters on February 17, according to the 2023 movie schedule. If you want to see Pfeiffer as the Cat once again, all you need is an HBO Max subscription to stream Batman Returns.

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