Superman And Lois Just Lost A Major Star Ahead Of Season 3

Superman & Lois ended Season 2 on an exciting cliffhanger for fans, and while the future seemed bright following some key reveals about its universe, the show just received some disappointing news ahead of Season 3 (and even more disappointing than the supposed lack of future crossovers). A major actor has left The CW superhero series, as news is out that actor Jordan Elsass will no longer play Jonathan Kent. 

Jordan Elsass portrayed the athletic but powerless son of Clark Kent, and according to a new report from Variety, that's no longer the case. Warner Bros. announced in a statement that Elsass informed the studio he won't be returning due to "personal reasons," and a new actor will play Jonathan Kent. 

Jonathan Kent on Superman and Lois on The CW

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There are no specifics at this time of why Jordan Elsass left Superman & Lois, though it's reported that his decision wasn't tied to anything "workplace-related." It's also stated that production on Season 3 was supposed to start soon and that Elsass hadn't appeared on location as of yet. 

Season 2 was big for Elsass' character, as Jonathan experimented with drugs that gave him meta abilities, and suffered the consequences as a result. By the season's end, Jonathan saw the error of his ways, and expressed interest in the new Fortress of Solitude's technology (which could've held the key to Jonathan getting powers). It seems that's all still on track for Season 3 of Superman & Lois, but Jordan Elsass won't be involved. 

It's unknown at this time whether or not Jordan Elsass' departure will impact the release of Superman & Lois Season 3, but if production was slated to start soon, it's a possibility. The CW series will have to seek out a new actor to play Jonathan Kent or find a way to write around his absence. 

The latter seems like a tall order considering he's with the family traveling to the new Fortress of Solitude at the end of Season 2, but not an impossibility. It wouldn't be the first time that a CW superhero series had to write around an actor's sudden exit (see The Flash's firing of Hartley Sawyer), so no doubt there are already plans in place.

As far as what's happening with Jordan Elsass, the answer isn't immediately clear based on his social media. Elsass' last post on Instagram about the series was back in mid-June when he posted a photo with a fan of the show. On Twitter, Elsass recently promoted an interview he did in June with a friend, but beyond that hadn't spoken about the series. In either case, it seems like his time in Superman & Lois is over, but what's next for him is unknown. 

Superman & Lois is confirmed to return for Season 3, and based on The CW's fall schedule, it's looking like it'll premiere at some point in 2023. There are plenty of new shows for fans to enjoy in the meantime as they wait for the new season and potentially more details on Jordan Elsass' exit. 

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