The Boys' New Video Of Fake Disneyland-Esque Theme Park Reveals Walking Dead Vet Laurie Holden's New Hero

Laurie Holden in The Walking Dead
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The highly-anticipated third season of Amazon Prime’s The Boys has yet to drop but the streamer is keeping fans plenty occupied. In a new Seven on 7 video from the Vought News Network, a segment about The Boys’ Disneyland-esque theme park features a first look at The Walking Dead vet Laurie Holden’s new superhero.

Laurie Holden, who is best known as Andrea in The Walking Dead, is set to portray the supe Crimson Countess in the upcoming third season of The Boys. And in a new video from the Vought News Network, fans get a quick peek at the supe doing her duties at a theme park:

It’s not surprising to see that there is a whole theme park dedicated to Vought and The Seven, but it is surprising to see how long it took for them to actually include it in the series. The Disneyland-esque theme park seems to have everything, including a musical based on Soldier Boy, told by Crimson Countess.

Crimson Countess and Soldier Boy are two of the newest supes to join The Boys for Season 3, although not the newest in the Boys universe. Supernatural’s own Jensen Ackles will be portraying Vought’s first superhero. Fans have definitely been excited about seeing him play a superhero after spending so many years on Supernatural, and it will also be interesting to see Laurie Holden as one as well.

Over the summer, Amazon created Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman to keep fans occupied until Season 3 of The Boys releases. Every month on the seventh, the Vought News Network anchor, portrayed by Matthew Edison, gives fans seven segments of news to update them on everything going on in the world of The Boys.

Laurie Holden was first announced to play Crimson Countess in a recurring role in June 2021. Along with Jensen Ackles, Holden joins Revenge vet Nick Wechsler as Blue Hawk, Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders star Miles Gaston Villanueva as Supersonic, and Dexter’s Sean Patrick Flannery as Gunpowder.

With Crimson Countess in the Soldier Boy musical, it’s possible that the two are friends, which is hard to come by in The Boys when you’re a supe. It will be curious to see how the two get along, or don’t, and what their relationship with The Seven is like. 

Season 3 of The Boys is already shaping up to be a big one, as creator Eric Kripke has teased some pretty insane storylines including “Herogasm.” Meanwhile, “payback” is said to be a huge theme, and not just figuratively. Just what will happen in the upcoming season of The Boys? You’ll just have to watch and find out!

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