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Fuller House seemed like a project that could either be a spectacular success or a total flop for Netflix. The sequel series to the classic sitcom Full House would have to attract a new audience as well as persuade old fans of the Tanner family to return for another go. The streaming service turned out to have a hit with the series, and a Season 2 was ordered almost immediately. Now, a promo of sorts has been released for the second season, and it's...unexpected. Check it out!

Back at work today on #FullerHouse. Check it out, I'm at the real Tanner house having a blast!

A video posted by John Stamos (@johnstamos) on

Spoiler alert? Evidently, Uncle Jesse wasn't exactly looking everywhere when he began his sunny introduction to the Fuller House house. Maybe he hasn't heard the theme song quite enough times to really get the message to keep on his toes. Season 2 opening on a dead Uncle Jesse and a destroyed house would be departure from the tones of both Full House and Fuller House, but kudos to the team for reaching outside of the box to mix things up. This does explain why John Stamos has already revealed that he's only appearing in three episodes of Season 2. There are really only so many times that a ghost can appear on a sitcom before he needs to be put to rest. At least the front steps seemed undamaged enough that D.J. and pals should be able to hop over his smoldering corpse to make it inside for their shenanigans du jour.

In all seriousness, the video that was posted on John Stamos' Instagram is definitely an attention-grabber. Just when I was getting ready to start singing along with the theme song, a special effects missile zoomed out of nowhere to blow John Stamos up into smithereens. It may not have revealed much in the way of real spoilers for Season 2, but it's definitely worth a couple of rewatches.

Filming is already underway for Season 2, so it's no surprise that John Stamos is on set to film silly videos to post on social media. Only appearing in three episodes hasn't meant that he won't be around. Stamos is working as producer for all of the episodes of the second season. He's not exactly taking it easy in the wake of the cancellation of his Fox series Grandfathered.

It is nice that the video was shot widely enough to make it clear that the Fuller House house to be blown up was one on set rather than one actually in San Fransisco. The people who live in the neighborhood of the real Full House house get enough unwanted attention from nostalgia-lovers already. I hate to imagine the flood of visitors they might get if folks really had reason to believe that the house had been destroyed via missile.

We won't be getting to see Season 2 anytime soon, so the clip courtesy of John Stamos may help tide us over until we get to see some real footage. For a peek at what is going to be coming for D.J. and the rest, take a look at our breakdown of what we know so far about Fuller House season 2.

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