One Gilmore Girls Character Is Finally Getting A Backstory In The Netflix Revival

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Later this year, when Gilmore Girls returns to audiences for the first time in nine or so years, there will no doubt be loads of attention given to Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, since they're the duo being directly referenced in the show's title. We also know the revival will be packing a ton of returning characters into the mix, so not all of our favorite Stars Hollow citizens will get a lot of screentime. But thankfully, star Yanic Truesdale revealed that fans will finally be given a good look into the more leisurely life of the sarcasm-espousing Michel Gerard. Here's how Truesdale put it.

We kind of haven't seen Michel outside of work, really. I think very rarely he was outside of the inn. And we didn't know much about his personal life. So this time is different. We know much more. That is nice for me as an actor because it gives me a backstory. But it gives me meat for the character because he, you know, I definitely have an arc and stuff going on in my personal life that affect the character. So the fans can expect to discover more about Michel.

Hot damn! In Michel, Gilmore Girls created a character that truly did feel like a coworker, since we could rely on him to be there within the in, putting the "erg" in "concierge," and we never had to worry about things getting too intensely personal during a conversation. But unlike most of our occupational compatriots, Michel was someone that we actually did wonder about. What made him so delightfully judgmental? What does his living room look like? How do phone conversations between him and his mother play out? So many questions!

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Without any details to go by, it's hard to guess exactly where Michel's story will go when viewers catch up with him. I suppose someone from his family could be a part of his arc, since this is a show that relies on family connections for a lot of its drama. Or maybe he'll have a new job that's giving him trouble. Or maybe there will be love in the air...but maybe not. When asked about a potential relationship, Yanic Truesdale told this to US Weekly.

That I can't answer. But you will definitely find out more about him.

Oh man, I would love to see the kind of person that wins Michel's heart and soul, because there you would find the Most Patient Lover Of The Year.

Obviously this won't be Gilmore Girls & Michel, since we'll need to get the nitty gritty on so many other people, too. We want to see how Emily is coping with Richard's death and how all of Rory's ex-boyfriends are getting on with their lives, not to mention Luke and Lorelai's current relationship. And Sookie! And Lane! And Kirk!

Keep up with everything we know about the season with our Gilmore Girls guide, and keep an eye out for it hitting Netflix in late 2016. You can find everything else hitting Netflix this year with our handy premiere schedule.

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