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After months of waiting and having to piece together what Marvel's The Defenders will look like on Netflix, we finally have an official view of the show. Take a look.

This video for The Defenders was shown at San Diego Comic-Con today, and, I have to say, even without actually seeing the four heroes in action, I already love it. We get a look at some of the headlines made by the team in their separate adventures, which each then get ripped away to reveal the word DEFEND on a hand that's spelled out like a kidnapper's note. The most chilling part, though, is probably the voiceover, which has to be from Matt Murdock's mentor, Stick (Scott Glenn), as he says, "You think the four of you can save New York? You can't even save yourselves." Well, let's all hope that even if they can't save themselves they can at least save New York.

I love that the final moments of the trailer roll out with the official Defenders logo and the confirmation that the show is finally coming in 2017, with the added cool factor of the opening strains of Nirvana's classic "Come as You Are" playing over the ending. If you think about it, that song is absolutely perfect as a sort of rock anthem for the series. Each of the four heroes who will make up The Defenders are joining together as exactly who they are as fighters of crime in Hell's Kitchen and other spots around New York.

Daredevil, who we met first in his Netflix show early last year, is highly skilled at hand to hand combat, and he's got super senses. Jessica Jones is a supernaturally strong brawler, tough enough to make taking her down in a fight a truly difficult task. Luke Cage is probably about as strong as Jessica, but his real power is his unbreakable skin, meaning that he can't be hurt by bullets, fire, knives, explosions, punches or a whole host of things that would do major damage to even the average hero. Iron Fist, who we haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting in his own show, is the only one of the group whose powers are gifted by actual magic. So, this crew is going to be banding together and fighting crime? Well, crime better watch the fuck out.

I'm going to make a big guess here after seeing the imagery in the trailer. We don't know for sure yet who the Big Bad will be that causes these four to form a crime-fighting band, but I think we just got a pretty big hint in the trailer. Remember how the word DEFEND was emblazoned on a hand with its fingers outstretched toward the end of that teaser? I think that's a pretty definite clue that the main villain for The Defenders will be The Hand, the super mysterious undead ninja-filled organization that plagued Daredevil and his pal Elektra in Season 2 of his eponymous show. When you have a never ending squad of silent assassins on your payroll, it's not hard to get your fingers into every crime-ridden pie in a city, even if that city's as big as New York.

Honestly, this is why Comic-Con is so fantastic. We get so many cool reveals, and getting something concrete on The Defenders is certainly reason to get very excited for the series.

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