The Last Ship Renewed For Season 4 By TNT

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The Last Ship is the perfect summer fare for any person who loves big action, non-stop adventure and a good old-fashioned viral apocalypse. The show has been a major hit for TNT during its first three years on the air so far. As Season 3 hurtles towards its finale, fans can rest easy knowing the series won't be cancelled forever on a huge cliffhanger. TNT has renewed The Last Ship for Season 4.

The fourth season of The Last Ship will run for thirteen episodes in the summer of 2017. Seasons 2 and 3 were both ordered for thirteen episodes as well, so it's a sign that TNT has as much faith in the fourth season as it did in the second and third. Only Season 1 had fewer than thirteen installments. Season 3 got off to a late start when TNT chose to delay the premiere in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting tragedy earlier this summer, but the drama has been going full steam ahead in the weeks since.

The Last Ship has had a successful third season on TNT. Episodes have averaged 7.6 million viewers across all platforms. The 7.6 million does represent a drop from the first two years of the show, but it's still an impressive number for a summer program on a cable network. TNT has a hit with The Last Ship, and even the forthcoming switch back to procedurals on the network hasn't jeopardized the future of the apocalyptic series. The end-of-the-world genre is phenomenally popular nowadays, so TNT is wise to continue showing faith in The Last Ship. This is a show that proves that apocalypse series don't need zombies to be thrilling.

The apocalypse of The Last Ship is viral in nature. The human population drastically dropped when a disease swept the planet. Navy ship U.S.S. Nathan James was spared the effects of the disease thanks to its position on the water that kept the crew isolated from infection. The folks on the ship are among the few major groups of survivors left, and they must struggle to survive without the support of a civilization. Eric Dane has made a name for himself outside the McSteamy role from Grey's Anatomy to lead the Last Ship ensemble as Navy badass Tom Chandler. Adam Baldwin has been excellent ever since he debuted as Chandler's second-in-command Mike Slattery, and Bridget Regan has been a solid Season 3 addition as former intelligence officer Sasha.

Season 3 is still in full swing. Five episodes are left in 2016, so be sure to tune in to TNT on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET to catch the adventures of Chandler and Co. on The Last Ship. Also, check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see what you'll be able to watch on the small screen after Season 3 comes to an end. There may not be anything else quite like The Last Ship until Season 4 premieres, but there's still plenty of shows to fill your time.

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