What Characters Will Be Around In Stranger Things Season 2?

Because it's taking place just a year after Mike's temporary disappearance, Season 2 will still be able to follow the core characters we've grown to love. So that means the D&D-loving buddies Dustin, Mike, Lucas and Will shall return, and hopefully something will be said about Will's slug-vomiting behavior and how connected he still is to the Upside Down. As well, Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) are presumed to return, along with Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and some of her friends. Hopefully not all the jerks, though.

Perhaps unexpectedly, one of Stranger Things' standout characters was the bespectacled Barb, Nancy's worrisome friend played by Shannon Purser. Her death was seen as unfair, given how undeserved it was, and the Duffer brothers have said Barb will get her due in Season 2, though that doesn't exactly mean she's coming back. Still, we don't really know what was going on inside that cocoon room, so maybe she's got some life left in her.

And guess what? There are going to be at least three new characters getting introduced in Season 2, though the Duffer brothers have teased a fourth. While the names probably aren't going to be what the actual characters use, the show is definitely casting for Max, Billy and Roman. Max, a series regular, is a skateboarding 13-year-old female tomboy who exudes confidence and a rough edge. She is suspicious of everyone around her and doesn't like to talk about her past, in part because of her relationship with Billy, her step-brother. Billy is an egocentric 17-year-old whose hardcore reputation includes him being a boozehound, a hothead, a lothario and a possible murderer.

Meanwhile, Roman is a 30-year-old of either male or female gender who dealt with a huge loss as the child of a drug-using mother. An outsider who doesn't have a good connection with others, Roman seeks revenge for having to go through hard years without a home. Who's he going to be targeting?

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