Steve Harvey Is Ending His Daytime Talk Show, But It's Not All Bad News

Steve Harvey

It's true what they say: when one door closes, another opens. Steve Harvey hosts several different television shows, but his daytime talk show, The Steve Harvey Show, is ending after its fifth season. While there may be slightly less Harvey on your TV screen soon, that absence will only last for about five minutes. Harvey is replacing his daytime talk show with an entirely new one that will hopefully make his travel expenses a little easier.

According to Deadline, The Steve Harvey Show will be ending after its fifth season. Many speculated that Harvey would end his show after his contract was up with EndemolShine North America, the production company behind The Steve Harvey Show. Now Harvey will be moving on and creating a new daytime talk show by partnering with IMG and NBCUniversal. The new show will air on NBC stations and will be shopped around to other stations as well. No further details about show are known but Deadline points out that shows with this much caliber usually get an initial pick-up of two years.

One big reason for Harvey to make a new show in such a similar vein to his old one is that it will allow him to ease up on his busy schedule a bit. EndemolShine North America produced The Steve Harvey show in Chicago, meaning Harvey had to make frequent trips back and forth from Los Angeles where the rest of his shows are produced. Not only does this make it simpler for the host, but being closer to Hollywood means that there's a strong chance for more appearances from celebrity guest stars.

Being in Los Angeles will certainly make things more convenient for Harvey. The TV host has two other shows produced in the area, NBC's Little Big Shots and Funderdome. ABC's Celebrity Family Feud films in Atlanta but game shows usually film in large doses, so Harvey's trips aren't as frequent. Steve Harvey's new talk show will likely be as big a success as his first one. The Steve Harvey Show was frequently among the top rated daytime talk shows. It ranked among the top five talk shows, only behind Ellen, Dr. Phil, and Live With Kelly.

We probably shouldn't expect too many changes with Steve Harvey's new show. If it ain't broke don't fix it. We can probably expect plenty of segments like the one below from The Steve Harvey Show.

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