A Bones Character Is Heading To Fox’s Rosewood

Fox has had pretty good luck with using characters from more popular shows to help bolster slightly less popular shows. If you can remember back a little bit, you may remember the Bones and Sleepy Hollow crossover that shouldn't have worked but did. Earlier this season, Fox touted a New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover that wasn't really a total crossover but did earn press. Now, the network is bringing a Bones character to its flailing procedural Rosewood. We're not sure the whole thing will work, but the network is certainly willing to give it a shot and will be bringing in Bones Daisy for the gig.

Today, Fox announced that an upcoming episode of Rosewood will feature Carla Gallo, who has played Dr. Daisy Wick throughout Bones' run on Fox. Interestingly, the Miami-set Rosewood will not be heading to Washington, DC to introduce Daisy. Instead the episode will be set in Cuba and will feature the investigative team looking into two separate mysteries. So how will Daisy come into the plot? Apparently, she will be TMI's old roommate, and TMI will rope her into the case in order to get her Jeffersonian expertise.

daisy bones

Daisy Wick has been around on Bones for quite some time. The character started out as a rotating intern, but became a more valuable player when she started a relationship with Lance Sweets, and the two later had a son. When Lance Sweets was killed off of the series, Dr. Daisy Wick took on a smaller role, although she did appear in Season 11 episodes. Presumably, she'll be back for an episode or two in Season 12, as well, before the series officially calls it quits.

Her appearance on Rosewood may be a bit of stunt casting, and I'd probably be a little more excited about it if Bones had already ended its long, long run. Rosewood earned a Season 2 renewal last spring after doing well in Fox's schedule alongside Empire. This season, Fox has been airing Rosewood opposite Pitch, and both shows have proven to be lower-rated this season. Neither have been a disaster or anything, and maybe what Rosewood needs is really just a little push to get back on track.

Regardless of the motive, Daisy has always been an interesting addition to television and we can't wait to see if she fits in with Rosewood, Villa and the rest of the gang on Fox. To find out how that all works out, tune in to Rosewood on Thursday, December 1 at 8 p.m. ET. Bones, on the other hand, won't officially be back until midseason. You can check out all of the new and returning dates for winter shows with our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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