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The Walking Dead is one of the biggest shows on television, and star Andrew Lincoln is kept plenty busy with all the zombie apocalypse action. As it happens, however, Lincoln has his eye on another big TV show that he'd like to appear on, and it's a show that features one of his Walking Dead co-stars. He recently admitted that he'd be more than willing to appear on Sonequa Martin-Green's new show, Star Trek Discovery, saying this:

She's an incredible personality with incredible grace and strength and tenacity. She's a very impressive woman. She will be leading that starship with the same class and fortitude. That is going to be one happy spaceship. I'd love to beam myself up at some point in some kind of Greg Nicotero special effects makeup.

Sonequa Martin-Green landed the leading role of First Office Michael Burnham on CBS' upcoming series Star Trek Discovery. It's a huge gig for the actress as she'll take her place in the epic Star Trek franchise among other leading actors like William Shatner and Patrick Stewart. Michael Burnham sounds like a very different character than Sasha, but Andrew Lincoln's comments to Variety indicate that he believes she'll be able to tackle anything Discovery throws at her, and he'd be happy to follow her lead.

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CBS has announced that Star Trek Discovery will debut sometime late summer/early fall 2017, so it's not totally out of the realm of possibility that Andrew Lincoln could sneak in at least a cameo, right? The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple was adamant that Sonequa Martin-Green would be able to handle both Star Trek Discovery and the zombie apocalypse, so surely Andrew Lincoln could find the time to appear on Discovery, even if it's not in the first season. I know I'd be on board to see Lincoln in full alien makeup.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Sunday night's The Walking Dead Season 7 finale.

Of course, Scott Gimple's statements that Sonequa Martin-Green could totally tackle both Star Trek Discovery and The Walking Dead ring a bit hollow now that we've seen the end of Season 7, which also happened to feature the end of Sasha. She killed herself in a masterful ploy to kill Negan via zombie bite, and she came pretty close to accomplishing her goal. It was a tragedy to watch her as a Walker after everything she had survived, but at least she went out on her own terms. I'm just sad that she died before she could see Shiva in action.

It's good to know that Sonequa Martin-Green has such a great gig lined up now that she's left The Walking Dead behind. Even if we don't get to see her back on AMC as Sasha, we'll get to see her on CBS All Access as Michael Burnham in the not-too-distant future. Only time will tell if Andrew Lincoln will get his wish and get to appear on Martin-Green's new show.

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