How To Get Free HBO From AT&T

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The world has become defined by rivalries. Red vs. Blue, Batman vs. (or v.) Superman, and even the battle between wireless carriers. The technical mumbo jumbo that companies like Verizon and AT&T consistently use in their commercials tends to go way over our heads, but the perks offered up by these particular organizations never fail to entice us. With that in mind, it seems that AT&T may have just offered up one of the best deals to date, because anyone who signs up for its latest data plan will receive a subscription to HBO.

As a result of AT&T's new Unlimited Plan, users who sign up for the wireless provider's unlimited data plan (which costs roughly $90 for a single line) will receive HBO as a bonus. Promotions of this nature are obviously nothing new; only last month we reported on how folks who sign up for DirecTV Now will similarly receive a free year of HBO. However, the primary difference in this instance seems to be the fact that there's no confirmed deadline for the HBO package. Once you sign up for the AT&T Unlimited Plan and acquire HBO, you have the network for as long as you have the plan itself.

By the way, it's worth mentioning that you will get more bang for your buck on HBO. Beyond the typical assortment of movies that are usually available on the network, there's also a ton of original television content available on a nightly basis -- From Game of Thrones to Silicon Valley, and even Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Most people need to pay for a wireless provider with some sort of data plan in the modern era anyway, so getting HBO while you're at it seems like a pretty sweet deal to cap everything off.

The benefits of picking of HBO extend far beyond your television set. By acquiring HBO through this deal with AT&T, you will also be given access to HBO's mobile apps such as HBO Now and HBO Go -- which, as the name suggests, means that you will be able to get all of your favorite HBO content quite literally on the go.

Arguably the biggest takeaway from this particular deal is the way in which technology is slowly but surely starting to integrate. As our phones and our primary platforms for entertainment become more and more intricately connected with one another, bigger and better deals like this will be made more feasible. As long as we're able to keep reaping the benefits, I think it's safe to say that this is a good thing.

This AT&T Unlimited Plan could wind up being a steal for many of you pop culture enthusiasts out there -- especially with so many excellent spring and summer television debuts still on the horizon. We will bring you more updates related to this story as they become available.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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