When Curb Your Enthusiasm's New Season Will Premiere, According To One Star

Fans of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm have been waiting a long time for the show to return for Season 9, and for years, we didn't have much to go on. Now, a new season is definitely happening, and one of the stars recently revealed just when it will premiere. At a recent concert in Philadelphia, JB Smoove made a big (and unexpected) announcement:

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According to JB Smoove, Curb Your Enthusiasm will be back on the small screen on October 1, 2017. Smoove was introducing The Roots at a concert when he dropped the bombshell, and music critic Dan Deluca shared a pic of the announcement on Instagram. It's not exactly an official release from HBO, but JB Smoove was a key player on the original run of Curb Your Enthusiasm and is slated to appear in the new season, so he's a pretty trustworthy source of information.

An October 1 premiere date makes sense, based on what we already knew about the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm. HBO programming president Casey Bloys revealed way back in July 2016 that Season 9 would debut at some point in 2017; if the goal was still for a 2017 release, the odds were good that it would finally happen sometime in the last quarter of the year. After all, we haven't gotten it yet, and we probably weren't going to get a summer release if we hadn't heard by now. October 1 tracks with the original goal; if accurate, the date means that fans don't have that much longer to wait. Sure, October is still several months away, but given how long we've already been waiting, I'd say that we can make it.

Not a whole lot has been revealed about the new season, all things considered. Larry David and JB Smoove will obviously return, as well as Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, and Susie Essman. Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham is on board for a recurring role, although details about her part are being kept under wraps. We may have to wait until the show premieres to really get a handle on what's going to happen, although my fingers are crossed that we get an epic trailer or two in the not-too-distant future. In honor of the news courtesy of JB Smoove, check out some of the best of Leon on Curb Your Enthusiasm:

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