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After Netflix CEO Reed Hastings made a public announcement that the streaming giant needed to cancel more of its original shows, Netflix didn't waste time to make good on its threats. Among those that hit the chopping block was Sense8, which had very recently debuted its second season. The fan outrage was almost immediate as they voiced their complaints on social media and let their hashtags fly. It's a powerful response from a loyal fanbase, and Netflix attempted to calm the storm somewhat with a message to Sense8 fans that wasn't exactly soothing.

Posting on Tumblr, the Sense8 team at Netflix issued the statement, letting everyone know that their voices and wishes have been heard. While the company apologized for the late response, which was possibly delayed by reading all the petitions and messages, Netflix re-confirmed it won't be bringing back Sense8 for a third season. The streaming service did not give a reason for why the show was canceled or why it specifically wasn't returning, and could only assure fans that it did everything possible to keep the show around, and that it just wasn't feasible. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the statement has had the exact opposite effect than it was supposed to.

The many clusters of Sense8 fans around the world have not gone quietly into the night. Fans initially took to Twitter with #BringbackSense8 in an attempt to make sure that Netflix knows that they are not okay with the cancellation, but I doubt anyone is celebrating the fact that Netflix noticed. Some fans have even been pushing for a boycott of Netflix with #NoSense8NoNetflix, and that push likely got stronger for those who saw Netflix's apology.

That's just one of many angry tweets circulating that is home to a Netflix-bashing agenda. And while harassment is arguably a terrible way to get someone to appease a request, one has to applaud the fact that the user created the Twitter handle @JusticeForSense8. That's dedication.

Sense8 was created by the Wachowskis and told the story of a group of people from around the globe who one day discover they are mentally and emotionally connected to one another. The show was ultimately about inclusion and accepting people from all walks of life, with Sense8 possessing a diverse cast that included LGBT characters, as well as characters of differing nationalities. Fans have obviously connected deeply to the show and are making sure their voices are heard.( It probably doesn't help that Netflix also canceled The Get Down recently, which caused its own smaller fan backlash.)

As for reasons for the cancellation, it is likely to do with the ratio viewership to budget, as Sense8 reportedly earned a loyal but relatively modest audience, compared to other htis. The series was also reportedly very expensive to make, with the budget per episode in Season 1 at $9 million. The money clearly shows on the screen, as Sense8 is a beautiful show, but the price tag was apparently not worth the effort anymore.

Sense8's days may be done on Netflix, but there's always the hope that another network or streaming service will see the intense fanbase reactons and run with a new season. Make sure to keep checking in to CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated with new information as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, try to fill the void with some new shows that can be found on our 2017 Netflix schedule or our summer premiere guide.

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