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Fear Factor Renewed For Season 2 At MTV

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Reboots and revivals that bring old series back for another go on the small screen are popular nowadays, and networks large and small have worked to give cancelled shows another shot. MTV brought Fear Factor back after it got the axe from NBC back in 2006. The reboot has been hosted by none other than Ludicris, and it's delivered plenty of scares to get your skin crawling and your adrenaline pumping. Now, the network has officially given the order for a second season. Fear Factor will be back on MTV for Season 2.

The first season of the new Fear Factor debuted back in May, and was slated to run for 12 episodes. The show has performed well in the weeks since its premiere. Variety reports that Fear Factor was a hit in the young adult demographic that is key to MTV's success. The renewal announcement came hours before the Season 1 finale was set to air, and it's good news for fans who were bummed that the first batch of episodes was coming to an end.

Luckily for those fans, Season 2 will be even bigger than Season 1. MTV has ordered a full 20 episodes for Season 2, which is proof enough that the network was satisfied with the reactions to the reboot. Given all the changes that were made for the new version of the show, success wasn't exactly guaranteed. The original run on NBC played up the horror of many challenges, some of which were even too extreme to make it on the air. The MTV series is less... well, gross. Contestants still have to face big fears and delve into the disgusting, but the MTV version is somewhat easier to watch without wanting to avert the eyes.

MTV's Fear Factor has catered to its youthful audience, with challenges that are inspired by everything from viral videos to popular movies. Contestants work in two-person teams to tackle the challenges. Each episode starts with four teams and ends with one, with the winners taking home prize money and bragging rights. They certainly earn whatever they win. Just take a look at a sneak peek of the Season 1 finale to discover what the contestants face:

The MTV version of Fear Factor may be less gross than the original NBC version, but it's clearly not a cakewalk for those brave enough to compete. Electro-shock collars are no joke, and these contestants will probably learn very quickly what not to do in this particular challenge. We can bet that everybody will be zapped at least once or twice; the question is who has what it takes to make it to the end in a reasonable amount of time.

The Season 1 finale will air tonight at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. For all your viewing options once Fear Factor is done for the season, take a look at our fall TV premiere schedule and our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule.

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