Check Out Hayley Atwell's Return As Peggy Carter For Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars

Ever since Agent Carter left the air, fans of both the character and actress Hayley Atwell have been hoping Marvel would bring Peggy Carter back into the action on a more consistent basis. While the world continues to speculate on whether or not the actress will appear in Avengers: Infinity War, Atwell fans can definitely witness her return as Peggy in animated form on a new episode of Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars. Watch the heroine kick some ass with the help of a few friends in the clip below:

Captain America and Peggy Carter are back together, which doesn't make much sense, considering he's supposed to be frozen in a block of ice. He's not the only one that shouldn't be there, as Tony Stark is seen flying in alongside his father, Howard Stark, who's just hanging out in an old-school Iron Man get-up. Considering Kang the Conquerer informs Cap in this clip he's currently on a mission to erase the Stark family from existence, it appears as though Cap and Tony have jumped back to the past to stop him from changing the Marvel timeline as we know it. I mean,

Those looking to get Hayley Atwell back in the saddle as Peggy Carter can tune in to Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars on Disney XD Sunday, December 3. While it's not the live-action portrayal fans are hoping for, it's good to at least hear Hayley Atwell jumping back in the role as she waits for that standalone Peggy Carter movie to happen a couple decades from now. Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars is not the first time Atwell has done voice work for Agent Carter, as she also voiced the character in the video games Captain America: Super Soldier and Lego Marvel's Avengers. With Atwell currently only set for Christopher Robin in 2018, it would be great if this episode led to her voicing the character in more episodes going forward!

Better yet, if Agent Carter can't continue on as a live-action series, maybe Marvel can bring it back as an animated series? If so, Hayley Atwell definitely has some ideas for Season 3 if Marvel wants to make it happen. While a show like that could thrive on a channel like Disney XD (which is typically the home for all animated Marvel shows), it might be cooler to see a more grown-up animated series on Netflix or Disney's new streaming platform.

Hayley Atwell fans can continue to hold their breath for that as Peggy Carter pops up in Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars on Disney XD Sunday, December 3, at 8:30 a.m. ET. For more on hotly anticipated upcoming programming be sure to visit both our fall premiere guide and midseason premiere guide. To check out a list of shows that got canceled for one reason or another, visit our cancellation guide.

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