Will The Ray Return To The Arrow-verse? Here's What Marc Guggenheim Said

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The CW's "Crisis On Earth X" mega-crossover is finished, but the fans want more. Specifically, folks are wanting to know if one of the Arrow-verse's newest heroes, The Ray, will be making a return to television on any of the DC shows following the crossover. Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim said recently they're very open to having Earth 1's version of The Ray back, but it ultimately falls on actor Russell Tovey's availability:

Well, the Earth X-Ray, no. The Earth 1 Ray, who you met in the crossover, absolutely. The only two things that we need to see The Ray in live action again are a great story and Russell's availability. We get those two things and you'll absolutely see him again. We certainly would hope to.

The CW isn't the only place on television Russell Tovey can be seen kicking ass. While he's been on a brief break, Tovey is currently a part of the cast of ABC's Quantico which is set to return for Season 3 in January. So although Marc Guggenheim tells Comicbook he would love to have The Ray kicking as much ass in live-action as he does in his animated series, it's all a matter of Tovey having time in his schedule to be brought back to film an episode or two.

Considering Quantico spent much of last season and the offseason trying to ensure it wouldn't be canceled, it's certainly possible Russell Tovey's schedule may clear up sooner than later. Even if the series ends Season 3 and gets a renewal, the drastically reduced episode count of 13 from the original 22 episode season should open up his availability just a bit for potential Arrow-verse shenanigans. Without Quantico to hold him back, Tovey would be free to make more appearances in DC shows, and maybe even occupy one of those two hero vacancies in Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow definitely seems like the best bet for Russell Tovey to enjoy a more extended stay in the Arrow-verse, although an appearance on The Flash could happen as well. Arrow and Supergirl are other possibilities of course, but with Arrow being a bit more grounded with its Metas and Supergirl taking place on an Earth separate from the one The Ray is from, they don't seem as likely as the other two.

Russell Tovey can be heard voicing The Ray on CW Seed in Freedom Fighters: The Ray. For more shows that can be watched before the end of 2017, head on over to our fall premiere guide. For a look at what's happening in 2018 and all the great television that awaits us in the new year, visit our midseason premiere guide. For some shows that were canceled before 2017 reached its end, visit our cancellation guide.

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