One Lethal Weapon Star's Alleged Misconduct Could Impact A Season 3 Renewal

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The end of the 2017-2018 TV season is fast-approaching, and the time is now for fans to start thinking about whether their favorite shows will be renewed or cancelled. Lethal Weapon has done reasonably well for Fox, and the cast's chemistry has been a highlight week in and week out. Unfortunately, we now know that the alleged behavior of one of the two leads may prevent Lethal Weapon from scoring the order for Season 3. Yes, Clayne Crawford's behavior is reportedly holding up a renewal for the series.

Clayne Crawford allegedly has a history of behavior behind-the-scenes at Lethal Weapon that created a hostile environment for those around him. Deadline reports that complaints of emotional abuse led to Crawford's being disciplined on more than one occasion and other actors do not feel comfortable performing with him. Given that Crawford is the co-lead of the series and Riggs is arguably the bigger character than Murtaugh (Damon Wayans), the show might not be able to work if other actors are uncomfortable working with Crawford. Riggs can't very well spend all his time in solo scenes!

With problems on set reportedly threatening the future of the series, it's possible that the show will go so far as to recast the role of Riggs with a different actor. Recasts aren't unprecedented on the small screen, but they're not all that common for a show after two seasons and certainly not in a show that centers so much of its drama on that character. Lethal Weapon might get away with recasting one of the kids or the cops or maybe even Leo Getz; recasting Riggs presents a much larger problem.

Behind-the-scenes issues obviously aren't apparent to viewers, and they might not take well to seeing a new actor tackle the role. Clayne Crawford has certainly made the TV version of Riggs his own, and it's difficult to imagine who could fill his shoes if Lethal Weapon does decide to replace him. Interestingly, Crawford was cast well after Damon Wayans landed the role of Murtaugh. The two struck up a fun chemistry that can alternate between hilarious and heartfelt; it would take a special kind of actor who could create the same dynamic with Wayans. Could this be what leads to Lethal Weapon getting the axe?

The ratings for Lethal Weapon are significantly lower for Season 2, but the show also moved to a more competitive time slot on Tuesdays. It also scores solid numbers in multi-platform viewership, and Fox might want to at least give the show a shot at another season. Who knows? Maybe a deal can be worked out that keeps Clayne Crawford on board.

For now, you can catch new episodes of Lethal Weapon on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. The Season 2 finale airs on Tuesday, May 8, and only time will tell if it will double as the series finale. For more important end-of-season dates, check out our rundown of important 2017-2018 TV finale dates. Our summer TV premiere guide can help you narrow down what to watch once the 2017-2018 TV season has come to an end, and our Netflix schedule can point you in the right streaming direction.

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