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What Happened On Set When Nashville's Clare Bowen Wrapped Her Final Shot

Nashville Scarlett Clare Bowen
(Image credit: Jake Niles Getter/CMT)

During its run, Nashville has survived six seasons and two networks. Now the bright lights of the country music drama are set to cast their final spotlight as the show bids farewell with its series finale. When it came time for the cast of the sudsy series to take their own finals bows, one cast member took some time to share sentiments right from the heart. Sharing the words she offered after wrapping her time on the series, Clare Bowen recalled the moment saying:

Everyone was standing there, waiting for us to say something. And I didn't know what to say except 'Thank you. I love you all.' Because they're my family.

Brief, sweet, and to the point. In a year that is seeing so many long-running shows saying goodbye, Nashville joins many other veteran series that's ensemble has had to deal with filming their final shots. After spending years living on-location in Nashville, Tennessee, Clare Bowen also shared that she was spending time back in Los Angeles with USA Today. Bowen starred on Nashville ever since the beginning of its run as Scarlett, the musically gifted niece of Rayna Jaymes' long-time flame, Deacon.

Fans of the show will have to tune in to see if Scarlett's own relationship gets a far more joyful ending than her uncle and Rayna. They do not have much longer to wait before finding out if Scarlett and Gunnar's on-again-off-again romance ultimately results in them staying on-again as the series ends. Fans have had to ride an incredibly twisty romantic rollercoaster where the pair is concerned.

The couple's duets were among the best when the show began, giving rise to many of Nashville's standout music moments, early in its run. With the series getting a lot of lead-time concerning Season 6 being Nashville's last, it will hopefully give fans of the couple closure. They have certainly waited long enough.

Cancelled by ABC following the conclusion of Season 4, Nashville was brought back to life thanks to its devoted fan following. Like many series this year, fans of the one-time ABC series campaigned until the cancelled show was ultimately picked up by CMT. The cable network was a fantastic fit for the country music-themed series, even if it turned out to be a short-lived residency. With one season under its giant belt buckle, CMT announced Nashville's second season on the network and sixth season overall would be its last.

As a former viewer, I'm interested to learn how the show decides to end all of the drama. Nashville started out centered on the story of veteran country music star Rayna Jaymes' rivalry with Juliette Barnes, a rising talent burning up the charts. It will conclude on a much different note. Find out how Nashville ends when the series finale airs.

Nashville takes its final bow Thursday, July 26 at 9 p.m. ET on CMT. For new television shows coming soon, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.

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