Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: A Heated House Meeting And The Aftermath

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One day before this week's live eviction, some major drama went down in the Big Brother house. We've got the inside scoop from the live feeds. Read no further if you don't want to be spoiled

Here's the abridged version of where things are right now in terms of power...

Head of Household


Won the Veto


Veto Used?

Yes, Tyler was saved. Bayleigh went up.

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Bayleigh house meeting

If you want the full timeline of nominations, hacker twist and Veto results, check out our previous post. But we're not here to update you on who's nominated right now. The big news from the live feeds today comes following a house meeting that took place not long after the houseguests got up for the day on Wednesday.

Before we get to that, last night Haleigh decided to tell Bayleigh she's the Hacker. Bad move. She sat on that secret for days, letting everything play out without saying a word. Things didn't work out the way she wanted them to, but she had her anonymity. However, it seemed the guilt got to her. Or maybe she was worried she was going to be found out sooner or later. She was hearing it from both sides up until this point, from Bayleigh complaining about being blamed for being the Hacker to Angela talking to her about how convinced she was Bayleigh was the hacker, and how this was the move she had to make as a result. So maybe Haleigh just cracked under the pressure. Regardless, she told Bayleigh and assured her she was going to hold a house meeting and tell everyone and clear Bayleigh's name. Then later last night, Haleigh confessed to Fessy. I have to imagine he would've tried to talk her out of telling Bayleigh if it wasn't already too late. But the damage was done and there's no unringing that bell. Fessy was less upset about her keeping the secret than he was about how this might affect Haleigh's game when others found out.

To Bayleigh's credit, she didn't say a word to anyone about what Haleigh told her, choosing to wait until Haleigh held her meeting today. But Bayleigh's day didn't start so well, as Angela pulled her aside in the living room and half-heartedly apologized to Bayleigh for doing what she felt she had to do. Angela doesn't have the best bedside manner in this game, so while it might've been a good move to try to smooth things over with Bayleigh, her apology didn't really play like a genuine apology. The whole thing fell flat and quickly drifted into a disagreement with Bayleigh over whether or not Angela tried to eliminate Bayleigh in the first house competition forever ago. She may have. I don't remember, but she tried to use Bayleigh's attempt to eliminate her against Bayleigh in this conversation, and Bayleigh quickly turned it around on her. The apology conversation was pretty much over after that.

Bayleigh walked away visibly annoyed and spent the time after seeming to grow more agitated. Then Haleigh told Rockstar about the hacker situation. Rockstar's reaction was to encourage Haleigh to hold the house meeting immediately. I'm honestly not sure if Rockstar was thinking of how this would impact her own game or Bayleigh's. She's been outwardly sympathetic toward Bayleigh's situation since she was first blamed as the hacker, so Rockstar may very well have just been excited to see Bayleigh's name get cleared, regardless of how this might impact the vote tomorrow night (remember, Rockstar is on the block).

After figuring out how to wear her sunglasses (hooked over the front of her hoodie was the eventual outcome), Haleigh called everyone into the living room and told them she was the hacker. She laid out her rehearsed speech about how Tyler's won four competitions and how he once bragged no one would put him on the block, so that made him the obvious target for her. And then she added that Tyler also made a deal with Bayleigh that he would use the Veto last week if she put Angela up.

Here's where things blew up.

To clarify what she's referring to, this situation seems to be rooted in a very big misunderstanding during a conversation with Bayleigh and Tyler last week. What Tyler said during this conversation after he won the Veto was (paraphrasing), "if I use the Veto, you'll put Angela up, right?" To which Bayleigh said yes. Tyler was, at least from my perspective (and from everything he's said since this came out, his perspective as well), confirming what Bayleigh's intentions were if he used the Veto, not stating his own side of a deal. However, what Bayleigh seemed to hear was, "I will use the Veto if you agree to put Angela up." And that's the story Bayleigh ended up telling Rachel, who got all upset over it and told Angela afterward. I don't think anyone's lying here, I think Bayleigh thought she heard what she thought she heard and now believes Tyler is lying to everyone about it.

Back to the present, Tyler immediately protested to Haleigh's claim about him secretly trying to get Angela on the block. But Bayleigh took over Haleiigh's side of the conversation, and that's when the two started to yell at one another. Well, Tyler was more laughing and shaking his head at first, stating that this was a total lie and everyone knows it. And when Bayleigh grew more and more upset, he argued back with her and refused to apologize. Keep in mind, Bayleigh was already pretty worked up going into this meeting. And now she thinks Tyler is flat-out lying about something she genuinely believes is true. Also, she's spent the last couple of days knowing she's the target and believing it's because people think she's the hacker.

The truth is, some people did think Bayleigh was the hacker. But the general consensus on Level 6's side has been from the beginning that it doesn't really matter if Bayleigh is the hacker. That may be the reason used to backdoor her, but from what's been said, it's more about the Identity Theft power and wanting her out before she can use it. And even after this whole house meeting situation, Angela still seems at least partially convinced Bayleigh is the Hacker and this might all be for show, with Haleigh taking the blame to try to save Bayleigh.

Tyler house meeting

Back to the meeting, Bayleigh's anger grew as she and Tyler went back and forth during this argument. At one point, Angela and JC just got up and walked away. The others watched as Bayleigh eventually left the room, but came back with more to say. And at some point, she must have bitten her lip or the inside of her mouth or something because half of her teeth were visibly covered in blood, which only made the whole thing more surreal and unnerving.

This was a bad situation over all. It was clear Bayleigh needed to vent, and she put all of her frustration on Tyler, whom she honestly believes is lying about that deal. And from conversations Tyler had later, he appears to understand that she misunderstood what he was saying during that Veto conversation. But the damage is done, and it's unlikely Bayleigh could be convinced otherwise.

Bayleigh's friends consoled her for a few minutes after the initial argument, and then she went into the diary room and got her mouth looked at. She seems to be ok. She also appeared to cool off pretty quickly after she came out of the diary room, apologizing to one or two of her friends about the whole situation and spending a lot of time talking to her people (Rockstar, Fessy and Haleigh), and also Sam, who was visibly upset by the whole ordeal and concerned about Bayleigh's welfare.

Tyler went upstairs and took comfort in some of the Level 6 people in the HoH room for hours talking out the whole situation, having a heart to heart with Sam and some others in his alliance. Whether or not he sits with Fessy, Haleigh or Rockstar to see if they're interested in his side remains to be seen.

Some other aftermath...

Not long after the house meeting happened, Kaycee went upstairs and told JC he was talking so loud, she could hear him all the way downstairs in the bathroom. JC was, at the time, going off about how Bayleigh was acting. Concerned that he might have exposed himself as being more on the side of Level 6 than foutte, JC went downstairs and had a talk with Fessy, who talked to him about getting enough votes to keep Bayleigh. I think Fessy's interest is more in line with protecting Haleigh from the fallout of all of this than keeping Bayleigh. Regardless, Fessy seems to think he has JC's vote, and they talked about possibly getting Scottie or Brett on board. Clearly, Brett's done a great job of showing he's not with the other side of the house if Fessy thinks he's an option for a fourth vote.

This situation hasn't helped Scottie on the Level 6 side, as Kaycee and others think he might've known about this whole situation and didn't say anything. Which isn't the case. So there are definitely trust issues on that side for Scottie, and it's unclear if Foutte trusts him enough to work him for a vote. It also didn't go unnoticed by Bayleigh that Kaycee spent a lot of time upstairs with Tyler and Angela after the house meeting, instead of being there for her.

If this whole thing doesn't change anything in terms of who's voting for who, then Bayleigh is still the likely target to be evicted on Thursday night. Level 6 needs at least 5 votes against Bayleigh to see her evicted, as Haleigh will eliminate a vote on that side (the obvious choice would be Tyler). So far it doesn't look like the votes are going to change in a major way, but it's impossible to say for sure. So we'll have to wait and see what happens during the live episode on Thursday night.

I'm also very interested in seeing the diary room sessions after this whole ordeal. It's possible there will be some fallout for Tyler over this. Right now, his alliance seems to be supporting him. But who knows if any of them are questioning whether or not Haleigh has a point about him being a threat. Fortunately for Tyler, his alliance has been in on a lot of what he's been up to, so not much of what was said should be news to them. And it'll also be interesting to see what people have to say about Haleigh's confession, if any of them are even thinking about that.

And that's more or less what went on today, but the day isn't over, so anything could happen in the next 24 hours. In the meantime, today's house meeting is undoubtedly going to serve as a reminder that house meetings are never a good idea in Big Brother.

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