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Moon Knight Marvel Comics

Marvel's Moon Knight has long been a superhero that fans speculate will get a series or film at some point, although past rumors that have surfaced never amounted to much. Now, Iron Fist's Season 2 showrunner M. Raven Metzner may be getting the rumor mill up and running again by recently revealing that he's a big fan of the hero, and that Moon Knight actually played a influential role in the Marvel series' upcoming Season 2.

If there was one thing that would convince lots of scorned Marvel fans to tune in after turning up their noses Season 1, a Moon Knight appearance might just do it. Danny Rand and Marc Spector (or whichever alter ego) taking the fight to Typhoid Mary would be a comic lover's dream, and would also be a handy way to introduce a backdoor pilot for a hypothetical new Moon Knight series on Netflix. M. Raven Metzner confirmed on social media that he's a huge fan of the hero, so who better to usher the lunar hero into the Netflix universe?

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that anything like that is actually in the cards for Moon Knight. M. Raven Metzner clarified his earlier comments about the character's after Marvel fans swarmed his post, asking for details behind his statements. Metzner stated the writers' discussions regarding Moon Knight were in the context of the mental similarities he has with Typhoid Mary:

For Marvel Netflix fans not in the know, both Typhoid Mary and Moon Knight suffer from mental disorders. As M. Raven Metzner states in his tweet, both characters have displayed multiple personalities in the comics, which is something commonly associated with Disassociative Identity Disorder. Metzner specifically mentioned he enjoyed the Moon Knight stories written by the great Jeff Lemire and Warren Ellis, so fans may see some characteristics of those specific Moon Knight iterations coming up in the way Iron Fist handles the big bad Typhoid Mary.

Disappointed Marvel fans needn't lose all hope, however, as M. Raven Metzner technically never explicitly stated Moon Knight isn't in Iron Fist Season 2. It sounds highly unlikely given his comments, but it's always possible M. Raven Metzner tipped his hand a bit too far in revealing clues about the upcoming season, and had to back-peddle a bit in order to keep things from reaching the public too soon. If nothing else, at least Metzner made it clear to everyone at Marvel and Netflix that he should be present for any discussions happening for a Moon Knight TV series.

Iron Fist Season 2 is headed to Netflix on Friday, September 7, at 12:01 a.m. PT. For a look at what else is happening on Netflix in the near future, visit our Netflix premiere guide. Meanwhile, our summer and fall premiere guides are handy when everyone gets tired of only watching caped-crusader dramas.

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