Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Who Got Nominated

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A Battle Back looms in the distance, but before someone can return to the game, one more houseguest has to be sent packing. We've got the latest on who won Head of Household this week in the Big Brother house and who they put on the block. Read no further if you don't want to be spoiled!

Here's how things are shaking out in the Big Brother house so far...

Head of Household





Won the Veto?

Not played yet.

Big Brother Haleigh And Fessy

So much for Operation Double Date. The Final Four that Angela and Tyler made with Fessy and Haleigh was short-lived, to say the least. Not that anyone should be surprised by that. Still, Angela made the breakup official on Friday by nominating the rival duo.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. First, Angela won the Head of Household, in a competition that did not play out on the live feeds. Honestly, what a disappointment for feed watchers, especially following the extremely brief slip-and-slide Head of Household competition last week. One of the perks of having the live feeds is getting to see the occasional run-over Head of Household competition, when it's too long to play out during the live episode. Two weeks in a row, the live episode ended on a cliffhanger Head of Household, and two weeks in a row, the live feed watchers missed the goods. The live feeds returned at close to midnight EST on Thursday night and Angela was wearing the key around her neck.

Tyler and Angela have been talking to Fessy/Haleigh about targeting Sam next, but of course, their plan is to target Haleigh and Fessy. Haleigh apparently saw Tyler and Angela celebrating with Kaycee and Brett over her Head of Household win on Thursday night, which led her to believe the Sam plan might not be as locked in as they thought. Fessy tried to assure Haleigh that targeting her would be a dumb move for Angela. Why he'd think that, who knows, but he did his best to assure Haleigh they were fine.

And then on Friday Angela told Fessy she was probably going to have to put Haleigh up as one of the nominees. She neglected to mention that Fessy would be the other nominee, leaving him to assume it would probably be Sam on the block. There may have been talk among Level 6 about only putting one of Fessy/Haleigh on the block, but the problem with that would be if the non-nominated of the two won Veto. Meaning, if Haleigh was on the block and Fessy wasn't, he could win Veto and take Haleigh down, eliminating the option to get either of them out. So both of them are now on the block, and by the order of the pictures on the memory wall after the nominations took place, it looks like Angela saved the Fessy bomb for last.

Not a lot was happening when the feeds returned after nominations. Both Haleigh and Fessy were quiet and mopey when the feeds returned, while Angela and Tyler retreated to the Head of Household room to giggle over Angela's speech. Whatever she said, Tyler seemed impressed.

At this point, I think the plan is to get Fessy out, but that could change based on who wins the Veto. I don't know why they'd want Fessy out over Haleigh. Haleigh at least has some inkling of what's going on, whereas Fessy is constantly in the dark (or denial). Without Haleigh, he'll be entirely on his own. The other concern should be the Battle Back. The houseguests don't technically know for sure that a houseguest will return, but they've started to talk about the possibility. If they think it might happen, wouldn't it make more sense to send Haleigh out to rule out any possibility that they'd have both Haleigh AND Scottie back in the house in the event of a Battle Back? Those two are more likely to be a threat together than either a Scottie/Fessy or a Haleigh/Fessy combination. Best to keep them separated if possible.

It's possible they'll change their mind once the Veto situation is squared away. Either Haleigh or Fessy will win it and the decision of who to send out will be made for them, or it won't get used, in which case they have the rest of the week to figure out what the better option is.

In the meantime, a new line has been drawn. Haleigh actually said to Fessy tonight, "They're probably all working together," adding that when the sides divided at the start of the season, they stayed divided. Which is completely true. That's been the through-line of the whole season. But Haleigh is really only just realizing this now, when it's probably too late to do anything about it.

In other news, the houseguests got a smaller table today, so that happened.

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