Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won The Veto

A beloved recurring character returned to the Big Brother house this week. We've got the update on who that was, along with who won the Veto and who's the likely target to go home this week. Read no further if you don't want to be spoiled!

Here's how things are shaking out in the Big Brother house right now...

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The Zingbot returned to the house this week to roast the remaining houseguests. The Veto competition played out on Saturday and when the live feeds returned, we quickly learned that Brett had won it, securing his safety for the week as he'll most likely use it to take himself off the block. A replacement nominee will be named on Monday and in all likelihood, unless something massively dramatic happens between now and Thursday, Scottie is going to be headed to the jury house.

In seasons past, the Zingbot is the biggest topic of conversation after the feeds come back from the Veto ceremony. However, this season, Big Brother combined Zingbot with the Hide-and-Go-Veto competition, and the cleanup process from that seemed to outweigh the zings for the houseguests post-competition. So I didn't hear much conversation about who got what Zings, and those are always better when seen in the episode anyway. Instead, the feeds returned to a totally trashed house...

Big Brother house mess

Hide-and-Go-Veto is the competition where the Veto players enter the house one at a time and make a mess of the place, first by hiding their Veto card somewhere in the house and then by taking turns ripping the house apart looking for the Veto cards. While finding the cards takes up most of the time in the competition, the winner of the competition isn't the person who finds the most cards, it's the person whose card is hidden so well that it's the last card left unfound. And in the case of this season, that winner was Brett, who admitted post-competition that he actually didn't spent any time looking for Vetos. Instead, every time it was his turn to come into the house, he went to the Have Not room and re-set up the barricade of mattresses he'd arranged to keep his Veto hidden.

We've seen houseguests check on their Vetos when searching in the past, but it sounds like Brett made a full strategy of protecting his Veto during the time he had to spend searching and it served him well. He now has the power to take himself off the block. Not that he was in much danger. The big win for Level 6 is less about Brett being safe and more about keeping the Veto out of the hands of Scottie.

It sounds like Scottie chose Haleigh to play for Veto with him. And while she was on board with Fessy to put Scottie up in the first place, given his choices, that really was his only option. If anyone would've taken Scottie off the block, it would have been Haleigh, who's not entirely certain Scottie's the right person to go. Because duh. He's literally one of the only two people who would help her get further in the game and she's assisting in his exit rather than targeting people who would evict her the first chance they get.

We're still left to ask ourselves why Fessy would put Scottie up on the block in the first place. A part of it may be due to the amount of time Scottie's spending with his showmance, Haleigh. And then there's all the work JC put into convincing Fessy (and Haleigh) that Scottie would target Fessy if he had the chance because he thinks Fessy stands in the way of him (Scottie) and Haleigh. Finally, there's the uncertainty of who actually cast the vote to evict Kaycee, since both Brett and Scottie took the credit for that. None of these are actually good reasons to target Scottie, mind you. But they are the reasons on the table. Nominating Scottie was a terrible move. The worst of the season for Foutte, and though there's always the chance they'll survive it, if/when Haleigh and Fessie don't make it to the Final 2, Big Brother historians will likely point to this week when reaching the peak of their downfall.

There's also the matter of Fessy thinking he might be able to work with Tyler and Angela in the future if he doesn't target them this week. I think he may be concerned that if he tries to take a shot at either of them and fails, he'd just be fueling the flames of the rivalry between the two sides. The problem is, we're closing in on the final part of the game. If it were a couple of weeks ago, maybe Fessy would've been able to buy himself a couple weeks of safety by playing ball with Level 6. But we're so close to the end, I don't see how any kind of deal between Fessy/Haleigh and Level 6 will last. The moment the other side has the chance to take one of them out, they will.

Even with Brett holding the Veto, Fessy had the chance to get a big player out of the house. Had he put Angela, Tyler or Kaycee up against Brett on the block initially, Brett may have still won the Veto but Fessy would be able to put up another one of them against the remaining houseguest and one of them would be going home. In the end, Fessy would likely be just as safe or unsafe going into next week as he is right now, except he'd have one less person directly targeting him. Because if he hadn't targeted Scottie, he'd probably still have Scottie somewhat on his side. Or at the very least, on Haleigh's side.

Haleigh's not entirely blameless in this situation. While she's been on-and-off uneasy about the decision to target Scottie, she hasn't put up much of a fight as to why Fessy should keep him. Had she convinced him she could control Scottie for at least the next few weeks, Fessy might've backed down on the situation, regardless of whatever jealousy or potential insecurity he might feel about Scottie.

There was apparently some talk last night between Scottie and Sam about trying to convince Fessy to put Haleigh up as the replacement nominee. That seems highly unlikely but then again, never overestimate Foutte. Still, in all likelihood, someone like Kaycee will go up next to Scottie when Brett undoubtedly uses the Veto on himself. And it's hard to imagine a future where Scottie isn't evicted on Thursday.

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