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Some of the biggest news on the DC Comics front this year has centered on the premiere of the direct-to-consumer streaming service that will be called DC Universe. We knew that DC Universe would debut sometime this year and some of the original shows that will be featured, and all signs point toward a service that could be a must-have for any DC fan. No premiere date had been announced for quite a while, and many expected that it wouldn't go live online until fall at the earliest given the lack of news on an official date. Well, DC has a surprise for those of us who weren't counting on the service for a while. DC Universe will officially go live on September 15.

Yes, consumers will have their first chance to really explore DC Universe when it goes live on Saturday, September 15. If you're a diehard DC fan, September 15 may strike you as a significant date, and it turns out that DC didn't just happen to choose it. September 15 is Batman Day, a.k.a. the one day of the year dedicated to honoring the Dark Knight and his long journey over the years in DC Canon. The premiere date comes courtesy of The DC Universe Live Stream (hosted by a newly-trim Kevin Smith), and it should give folks a lot to be excited about for the next couple of weeks.

That said, you shouldn't get too excited about all the promised DC Universe features. When the service launches on September 15, not all the services and shows will be available right off the bat, although not all the details are available at this point. We do know that the very first show announced for the streaming service, Titans, won't premiere until October 12. Titans also won't be available the same way Netflix shows are; instead of the full season releasing right away, new episodes will release one at a time from week to week. Each new episode will be available on Fridays following the October 12 premiere. You'll have to wait the better part of a month after DC Universe launches to see Robin dropping F-bombs about Batman.

In case you're not up on what's to come, check out our breakdown of what Titans, Harley Quinn, and other DC Universe originals will be about. A wide variety of heroes will appear in live-action and animation thanks to these series, and some of them are relatively obscure enough that many viewers may not have much knowledge about them. If DC Universe sounds right up your alley -- preferably not Crime Alley -- you can pre-order for a fee of $74.99 for a full-year subscription, and that option will still be available once the service is live. If you don't feel ready to shell out that much money right away, you can subscribe on a monthly basis for $7.99 per 30 days. The annual payment would save you 20% for a full year of services, but you may want to hold off if you're cautious.

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