All The Jersey Shore Family Vacation Craziness That Went Down After Jen And Ronnie's Huge Fight

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation! Read at your own risk!

Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro had their first major throwdown on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, and it wasn't pretty. News of the hotel room fight and a warrant being requested for Harley's arrest had leaked to the media at the time of filming, but it wasn't until now that the full details of the encounter were made public. Here's a breakdown of all the craziness that happened after Jen left the hotel, which includes lawyer talk, Mexican food, and an operation called "Gym, Tan, Where's the baby?"

After the fight, Ronnie was trying to reach Jen but couldn't get her to respond or get any information about the whereabouts of his daughter Ariana Sky. The police arrived, and while MTV stated they were not allowed to film the investigation, Ronnie recapped that the officers said that under Nevada law they had to request a warrant for her arrest. Ronnie told the rest of his Jersey Shore Family Vacation castmates he tried to dissuade them, but ultimately, there was nothing they could do.

Ronnie didn't seem too concerned about Jen getting arrested, but he was afraid that his daughter would get caught up in whatever craziness would result from that. The last thing Ronnie knew was that Jen had plans to board a flight to Oklahoma to visit family with the baby, which would end in her arrest provided she had an active warrant. Ronnie was fearful about his daughter ending up with an officer or somewhere he didn't know, so he requested the aide of his tired (and possibly still drunk) castmates to go on a mission to find her. Operation "Gym, Tan, Where's the baby?" (as The Situation called it) was put in motion, and the gang was out on the town on a high-stakes Vegas adventure.

Ronnie called an officer to request a wellness check on Jen at their house and settled down with the rest of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation crew at a Mexican restaurant near his house in case they needed to intercept Ariana Sky. Sometime later, Ronnie received a call from the officer in charge of the wellness check and learned that Jen was at the house with the baby and that she was not arrested. As it turns out, the warrant was not active at that time, so the best the officer could do was ensure her safety and tell Ronnie to talk to a lawyer and get a custody agreement worked out. The situation cooled down, and Ronnie saddled up with the rest of the cast to enjoy the rest of his day and made sure he kept in touch with that custody lawyer.

Things are looking up for Ronnie on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, although viewers shouldn't get too excited for where this whole thing is headed. We already know another big incident between he and Jen is coming, and as of writing, the two are still together and fighting. It's still unknown whether or not the couple has a formal custody agreement worked out at the moment, and if not, what changed Ronnie's mind when he seems so adamant about getting one in the current episodes.

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