Jersey Shore Family Vacation Stars Said Ronnie Looked Really Bad After Car-Dragging Incident

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Warning! The following article contains spoilers from the Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode "Where It All Started." Read at your own risk!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation recently featured everyone returning to Seaside Heights, and while Deena was back with the gang for this next chapter, Ronnie was not. Viewers expected this, of course, as news had previously spread that the reality star was absent from shooting in Jersey after an alleged car-dragging incident involving his on-and-off girlfriend Jen Harley. It was claimed that Ronnie looked really bad after the incident, but without photographic proof, fans were left to guess as to how rough the reality star was feeling afterward. Luckily, Deena filled in the blanks and described the pic Ronnie sent to her and the others.

He sent me a picture, I couldn't even...I showed Chris he was like 'what the fuck?' I was like 'I know'...He didn't show his face, and I heard his face was all fucked up.

Deena's reaction implied that Ronnie's injury pic was pretty graphic, even if she didn't get to see his actual face. That said, Jersey Shore Family Vacation did show Ronnie later in the episode via a Facetime call, and possibly because a week or so had passed since the incident, his face did not look as "fucked up" as others had implied. Ronnie appeared to be largely unchanged from the neck up, although the cameras were still a distance away from the phone screen, so maybe smaller cuts and bruises didn't show up. What was seen was that his arm was in a sling, which was confirmed to be a result of the accident.

The arm in the sling seems to be the thing Deena saw too, and Snooki described the picture separately to Angelina. Snooki was a bit more graphic in her description, which helped shed some light on the extent of his injuries:

Literally, flesh was coming out of his arm.

Ronnie's arm appeared to get cut up pretty badly during the incident, in which he was allegedly dragged from a car. although Snooki told Angelina she didn't "see bone" or anything like that. As serious and problematic as the incident and picture were, however, the cast still found time to joke around with their Jersey Shore Family Vacation castmate while talking to him.

Vinny was the first to make a joke, and then kept it going with several puns involving the word "drag." The gang chastised Vinny and called him out for being insensitive, but Ronnie took the jokes in stride and just appeared to be happy to talk to his friends again.

Everyone on Jersey Shore Family Vacation went on the record in the episode with their own condemnation of Ronnie and Jen's volatile relationship. During their live-tweeting, the cast was noticeably silent about the drama on screen at that part in the episode, probably because Ronnie and Jen appear to be still (or back) together currently, based on their frequent pictures on social media. The car incident seems to be the last major fight between the two that will air in Season 2 unless the series captured some additional drama the tabloids didn't pick up on.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Season 2 on MTV on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. It's not the only entertaining show on television at the moment, and may not be the last, as our fall premiere guide is loaded with premiere dates for a bunch of new and returning shows this season.

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