HBO's The Deuce Is Giving Four Characters More To Do In Season 3

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The Deuce is gearing up for its third and final season, and apparently, some key characters in the adventure thus far will have a larger presence in the final set of episodes. The HBO program has decided to promote David Krumholtz, Daniel Sauli, Sepideh Moafi and Olivia Luccardi all to series regulars, which means fans will presumably get to see a lot more of their characters as the story draws to a close.

The promotion is seemingly a long time coming for Daniel Sauli, who Deadline reported has been featured on all 17 episodes of The Deuce to date. Sauli portrays Tommy Longo, who came into Vincent's life after mistaking him for his brother and eventually cultivated a working relationship out of it. The two have managed to have a solid working relationship throughout the show, although it's more a product of Vincent being unable to safely sever ties with the mob man's affiliates.

David Krumholtz has also had a pretty sizable presence in The Deuce since its beginning, with his series regular status being granted after 14 episodes. Krumholtz plays porn director Harvey Wasserman, who ended up being a vital influence on Candy as she sought to break into the porn industry. Harvey and Candy ended Season 2 with a big hit on their hands with Red Hot, but with little to show for it with the mob taking most of the profits.

Olivia Luccardi has also appeared in 14 episodes. Her prostitute character Melissa will apparently have a bigger role in Season 3. One of Melissa's most pivotal scenes in The Deuce thus far came from when the fry cook Leon shot her former pimp Reggie Love dead in Season 1. Melissa was free of her pimp but soon found another in C.C.

Sepideh Moafi is the least recurring member of The Deuce at 12 episodes, although that's still close enough to the total episode count of 17 to make her upgrade to series regular well-deserved. Like Olivia Luccardi, Moafi also portrays one of the show's prostitutes, Loretta, who is a worker for Larry Brown. Loretta hasn't had an incredibly substantial role in the drama to date, but her promotion to series regular status may mean a bigger storyline is coming.

HBO announced The Deuce was being cancelled a few months ago, but that it would get one final season to conclude its story. The cancellation came as a bit of a shock, as the show had received a fair amount of critical acclaim in both Season 1 and Season 2. That said, viewership had taken a dive in Season 2, and critical acclaim can only take a show so far when audiences aren't tuning in.

The Deuce is working towards Season 3, but Season 1 and 2 can be enjoyed on HBO Go or on-demand services. For a look at other television shows coming out in the near future, visit our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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