Fuller House Cast Reacts To The End Of The Netflix Show

Fuller House brought the extended Tanner family back to the small screen years after Full House ended, and fans came to love the heartwarming humor. The show is officially coming to an end, although the news of the upcoming conclusion came with the announcement of a fifth and final season to wrap things up. The news is bittersweet, but the cast had nothing but positive messages to share regarding the end. Take a look at what leading lady Candace Cameron Bure posted:

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In her tweet, Candace Cameron Bure (a.k.a. D.J.) directly addressed the Fuller House "Fannerinos" who have given the show and the cast so much support since the series first debuted back in 2016. The four seasons that have aired so far expanded on what Full House fans came to know and love from the characters, and Bure's post promises that the final season will be the very best. If the sweet little throwback video makes you feel nostalgic, her words should psych you up for what's to come!

Candice Cameron Bure isn't the only one to post the nostalgic video, as several other cast members did the same. They all shared different messages to go with the video, though, so they're worth looking at! Let's move on to Jodie Sweetin, who plays Stephanie:

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Jodie Sweetin too stated that they "saved the best for last," and she is clearly also grateful for the support of the loyal fans. The last few years of her career would undoubtedly be quite different without the success of Fuller House. Andrea Barber's message was short and sweet:

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Fans must take heart that Season 5 is being referred to as "the farewell season." That gives the impression that the series will say a fitting goodbye to these characters and hopefully tie up some loose ends. We can probably count on some more zany antics from Andrea Barber as Kimmy as well!

Soni Nicole Bringas, who plays Ramona Gibbler, went for an Instagram photo rather than the video:

The young actress chose a photo of the cast applauding, presumably at the studio audience. It's a happy glimpse of the actors all together, and we can only hope that the fifth season closes on an ending that has the characters looking just this happy.

Former Fuller House showrunner and Full House creator Jeff Franklin (who was fired from Fuller House after allegations of misconduct) shared a supportive message of his own on Instagram:

A kind message, all things considered! Jeff Franklin might have only had bitter words after his parting from Fuller House, but he only had nice things to say.

Juan Pablo Di Pace, a.k.a. Fernando, shared a message on Twitter in both English and Spanish:

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Now, let's close it out with the man who has brought Joey to life for all these years: Dave Coulier. He also shared the video, but he included a hashtag that should warm the hearts of fans everywhere:

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Cut it out, indeed! No need to tug on the heartstrings just yet. Is it too much to hope that Michelle turns up in the fifth and final season? Her absence from Season 4 was explained as Michelle staying in New York, where she was visited for Christmas by her dad, Jesse, and Becky. I'll just go ahead and cross my fingers now that one of the Olsen twins finds it in her heart to film a cameo.

Netflix has not announced a precise premiere date for Fuller House's farewell season, but the video indicates that we can expect it in the fall. For some viewing options sooner rather than later, check out our 2019 Netflix premiere schedule as well as our midseason TV guide. If you're now in the mood for some Fuller House fun, you can always find the first four seasons streaming on Netflix.

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