Fuller House's Former Showrunner Speaks Out After Firing

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Just a day after it was announced that Jeff Franklin would be removed as showrunner from Fuller House following allegations of workplace misconduct on set, the creator of the Netflix series and the original series Full House is speaking out. Franklin took to social media to share a word with his former cast, crew, and any fans who may have wanted to hear from him after his firing from the show:

I'm heartbroken to be leaving Fuller House. Creating and running Full House and Fuller House has been the greatest joy. I wish the cast, my second family for over 30 years, continued success. I'm so proud of all we accomplished together, and beyond grateful to our loyal fans. Adios Tanneritos!

Jeff Franklin took some time to share how he was feeling and thanked the cast for the time they shared with him working on the two series. It's definitely a different response compared to the other reactions from celebrities who have been in similar situations, as Franklin doesn't deny what was alleged, nor ensure a battle to fight for the right to remain a part of Fuller House. Given Franklin's response, it appears as though this situation will fade away rather quietly as Netflix continues its plan for Season 4 of Fuller House.

If The Fuller House cast was touched by Jeff Franklin's goodbye, it was not shown on social media. None of the show's main cast had anything to say on Twitter regarding Franklin's goodbye, with some like John Stamos having tweeted in the time since his posting. Of course, that's not to say there aren't cast members who may have reached out to Franklin privately, as Warner Bros. TV and Netflix might've encouraged the cast of the show not to reach out to publicly speak about Franklin following his removal. Franklin coupled his goodbye to the cast with a photo of him and the "wolf-pack," which could imply there was some camaraderie between the creator and his actor's throughout the show's run:

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It's worth mentioning the allegations lodged against Jeff Franklin included no sexual or physical misconduct with members of the Fuller House staff. Warner Bros. TV made the decision to remove Franklin after an investigation that was sparked by numerous complaints from the show's crew regarding the creator's behavior. Among other things, Franklin was alleged to be verbally abusive, make inappropriate sexual conversation in the writer's room, and reportedly bring women he was dating to the set to appear on the show in bit roles.

Fuller House will return for Season 4 on Netflix. For more information on other upcoming shows set to head to the streaming platform, check out our Netflix premiere guide. For a look at new television in general, check out our midseason premiere guide.

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