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Fuller House Season 4 Trailer Shows Off Pregnant Kimmy And Lots Of Dancing

Fuller House with be back with another batch of episodes bound to be packed with as many zany shenanigans as ever before. A new trailer for the fourth season reveals some of what viewers are in for, including a very pregnant Kimmy, a whole lot dancing, plenty of familiar faces, and some holiday cheer. Prepare your heart to be warmed and take a look!

Well, if you thought pregnancy would keep Kimmy out of the hijinks, I'd say that this trailer should prove you're in for more of what has made her so much fun in the spinoff series so far! Stephanie's behavior seems more likely to have changed, which is understandable. Kimmy is carrying Stephanie's baby, after all! Stephanie will evidently take it upon herself to try and protect Kimmy and the baby from just about anything, including sitting too close to the TV. Womb-zilla indeed!

Their dynamic should make for some cute moments as well as funny moments, as we see Kimmy touched by Stephanie finally referring to her as her friend. Who could have guessed that the Gibbler needed to carry Stephanie's baby to earn the title? Kimmy is still hanging with D.J. and Stephanie in other scenes, so I think it's safe to say that she won't be sidelined by the bun in the oven.

That's not to say Kimmy might need a break from all the dancing. The various members of the extended Fuller/Tanner/Gibbler household look to be busting various moves throughout the fourth season, although one scene seems like to be a dream or fantasy sequence. D.J. and Steve's date looks more like a scene out of La La Land than anything else!

Speaking of Steve, D.J.'s first love is apparently going all-out in pursuit of her heart in Season 4, and he apparently has fans within the household. Stephanie and Kimmy certainly look to be Team Steve, and he does make the point that a second go at their relationship really has been decades in the making. It's not clear if the coffee and banana Steve brings into the house in the opening moments of the trailer are for D.J., but hey, maybe that's what she goes for more than flowers!

It seems that Season 4 will feature some holiday fun, which is fitting. The new season premieres on Netflix on Friday, December 14 at 12:01 a.m. PT, which is less than two weeks before Christmas rolls around. Fuller House could make for a merry way to ring in the holidays and the new year. The fun of the new season might be dampered if rumors of the show's cancellation start circulating again, but Candice Cameron Bure debunked such rumors before. Perhaps she would do so again.

Tune in to Netflix on December 14 to catch the fourth season of Fuller House on Netflix. A bunch of the original adults will be back once more, and the trailer proves we can count on at least one adorable scene between Jesse and Becky. For more viewing options through the end of this year, swing by our 2018 Netflix premiere guide and our fall TV premiere schedule.

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