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How Fuller House Is Handling Kimmy's Pregnancy In Season 4

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Fuller House will be handling Kimmy Gibbler's surrogate pregnancy in a way that is full-Kimmy. When Season 4 picks up, Kimmy will be in the midst of her pregnancy with her brother Jimmy and friend Stephanie's baby. Juan Pablo Di Pace just dished on what is in store with the storyline, revealing the following:

[It's a] very unusual pregnancy. She goes against everything you think a pregnant woman is going to be. She's doing cartwheels around the kitchen and eating the spiciest foods. She basically does everything Kimmy would normally do --- only now she's pregnant.

That is a little Season 4 insight into what to expect when Kimmy is expecting. It would be surprising if it were not so Kimmy. As Fuller House and Full House fans know, Kimmy has a way of uniquely handling and reacting to things. Or as fans would say, in a way that is so Kimmy. That is not the only tidbit, Juan Pablo Di Pace shared with TVLine, regarding Kimmy's pregnancy.

If you thought that Fernando would have some strong feelings about Kimmy's pregnancy, you were right. Kimmy's ex-husband turned fiancé is dealing with it in his own unique way, as well. Regarding how Fernando is handling it, Juan Pablo Di Pace revealed:

It's not so much that Fernando thinks it's his child, he thinks it's his pregnancy, Like, he thinks he's just as pregnant as her --- the drama, the swollen body parts, the whole thing. It's very Fernando.

Based on what Juan Pablo Di Pace has shared, it sounds like Fernando will be experiencing Couvade syndrome, a.k.a. a sympathetic pregnancy. Fernando's response to Kimmy's pregnancy brings up a certain storyline from Full House. As it sounds, though, Fernando's Fuller House reaction will be a far cry from Jesse's when Becky was pregnant with their twins on the original series.

On Full House, Jesse was humbled by Becky's experience when she made him a bet. She wagered that he could not wear a sympathy pad for what this fan recalls being for a day. Jesse wore the weighted pad throughout the episode. By the end, he developed a newfound appreciation for what his wife was going through.

In the case of Fernando, it sounds as though he thinks his experience entirely mirrors Kimmy's. It is unclear if Fernando will feel this way throughout the entire season, or if it is a single-episode arc. Either way, fans do not have much longer to wait before finding out!

Season 4 should be worth the wait -- especially to meet the newest member of the Tanner/Gibbler family. Who would have thought, all those years ago, that Stephanie would be having a baby with Kimmy's brother? Or that Kimmy would be giving birth to their baby? What a difference 23 years can make.

Fuller House is adding some new cast members and playing host to a high-profile TV reunion. It is all in a season's work for the Netflix revival. The good news is that Candace Cameron Bure has shut down those disconcerting cancellation rumors. Meaning fans can enjoy Fuller House's latest installment without fearing; it will be its last.

The fourth season of Fuller House premieres December 14 on Netflix. The streaming giant will have a lot of new TV content making its debut this fall and during the midseason.

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