Chicago Fire Exclusive Clip Shows Casey In Grave Danger When A Call Goes Wrong

The job is never easy for the crew of Firehouse 51, and one veteran firefighter is in for an intense encounter in the next episode. Called “Fault in Him,” the episode will see Casey in grave danger when what could have been a relatively routine call goes wrong. Take a look at what Casey is in for in the February 27 episode of Chicago Fire!

Judging by Casey’s expression, it’s probably safe to say that he would have preferred a gold old-fashioned fire to this particular call! Casey and his crew will respond to what appears to be a suicide, called in after neighbors heard a gunshot. Unfortunately for Casey, that is clearly not the case.

After the cops and the rest of the firefighters head out, Casey hears a noise is another room. As it turns out, the suicide was probably not a suicide, as what appears to be a crazed gunman is in the house and not afraid to draw his weapon on Casey!

Understandably, Casey looks more than a little panicked after he's tackled to the ground by the gunman, with a firearm pointed in his face by a guy whose trigger fingers is clearly shaky. Still, he didn’t become a captain in the CFD by losing his cool when things go south!

Season 7 really isn’t Casey’s season, is it? First, he had to face the reality that his marriage with Dawson was over despite her original intention to come home from Puerto Rico. Actress Monica Raymund’s departure meant that their romance had to die, although at least she did reprise her role to deliver some closure to Dawsey.

Then, his first attempt at post-Dawson romance almost literally went up in flames after a case they were investigating together resulted in his apartment being torched. Throw in the stress of last week’s crossover between Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D., and the last thing the poor guy needed was a gun in his face this week!

Although we can be reasonably confident that the gunman isn’t going to shoot Casey in the face, as he seems to be threatening in this exclusive clip, could we blame Casey if he’s shaken up or even traumatized by the encounter? Casey is certainly unafraid to charge headfirst into dangerous situations if it means saving lives, but he wasn’t expecting to be jumped by an armed man on what seemed to be a grim but less than thrilling call.

The clip does raise the question of whether the cops on the scene could get in trouble for not scoping out the scene. The footage shows that they didn’t even bother checking out the whole house; the cops on Chicago P.D. certainly wouldn’t have been so sloppy! What would Voight have to say for these officers?

Only time will tell how the scary situation for Casey will be resolved. The good news is that the wait won’t be too long. “Fault in Him” airs on Wednesday, February 27 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. In addition to Casey finding his life in peril, Grissom drops the news on Firehouse 51 that a performance evaluation is coming up, Otis learns he won a raffle prize at a fundraiser, and Brett must face personal challenges. Hopefully she at least won’t gain a stalker! Her relationship seems to have been going so well.

Be sure to tune in to NBC on February 27 at 9 p.m. ET to catch the Chicago Fire episode, and swing by our midseason TV premiere schedule for some additional viewing options in the not-too-distant future.

Laura Hurley
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