Chicago Fire: Watch Casey And Severide Fight To Save Lives From Explosive Fires In Exclusive Clip

The first responders of Chicago Fire are no strangers to winding up in very tight spots at very high temperatures, and this week's episode will see the brave men and women of Firehouse 51 responding to a call at a hair salon on fire. This is no straightforward fire, however, and an exclusive clip from the episode reveals Casey, Severide, and other fellow firefighters quickly running out of time to save lives. Take a look at the explosive sneak peek!

Let it not be said that Casey is having an easy year! After the end of his marriage to Dawson, his apartment being torched, and more recently very nearly dying after an encounter with an armed madman, now he's on the verge of being blown up in a hair salon with Mouch by his side!

Luckily, Mouch spots the flammable hair product containers before he and Casey get past the point of no return, but viewers will have to wait until the episode airs on Wednesday to see whether or not they escape the explosion unscathed. Outside, the Squad crew is facing a time crunch of their own, even if they don't have hair products soon to explode in their faces.

When trying to evacuate a building impacted by the salon fire, an elderly woman falls and hurts her head. Based on the clip, there are still people behind her who need to get out when she takes her unfortunate tumble, and it's up to Severide (who hasn't had an easy season himself) and Cruz to save the day. The explosion within the hair salon certainly won't help the situation, and Chicago Fire fans have seen more go wrong with less for the firefighters of Firehouse 51.

All things considered, the May 8 episode is not to be missed. Called "Try Like Hell," the episode will resolve the cliffhanger of this clip as well as investigate whether there's a reason why it went up in flames the way it did and as quickly as it did. Severide and Boden will join forces to uncover whether arson was the real cause.

Meanwhile, Mouch, Hermann, Otis, and Kidd are on the case of a missing piercing nozzle from Engine 27. They'll make a startling discovery in the process. Be sure to tune in to NBC on Wednesday, May 8 at 9 p.m. ET to check out "Try Like Hell." Chicago Fire has already scored a renewal for Season 8, so there's no need to worry that the upcoming Season 7 finale will be the end of the show.

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