The Blacklist: Is Anna McMahon Connected To Katarina Rostova?

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The Blacklist is coming down to its final two episodes, which means speculation city for fans. Anna McMahon has been an issue on The Blacklist for more than a while with Red putting her in his sights. Meanwhile, Ressler has been investigating Liz’s mom, Katarina Rostova. Fans are trying to connect the dots between the seemingly disparate characters.

How likely is it there is a connection between Anna McMahon and Katarina Rostova? Well, let’s dig into that in a moment. First up, let’s address what some fans are speculating.

How Could Anna McMahon And Katrina Rostova Be The Same Person?

As shown in the revelatory episode regarding Red’s true identity, Katarina had to disappear. She did not die when she went into the water as Red had told Liz, way back when. Instead, her BFF Ilya Koslov (who is supposedly Red) helped her disappear, assuming the identity of Raymond Reddington.

What was not explained was how Katarina was going to disappear. She would theoretically need a new face to do so. How else could she lay low for so long? Could the answer lie in this fan theory about Katarina’s former face now belonging to Anna McMahon?

How Anna McMahon And Katrina Rostova Could Be Connected

Anna appears to be in her thirties, which would put her way too young to be Liz’s mom. Katarina should be around sixty. However, plastic surgery supposedly turned Ilya Koslov into Raymond Reddington. So, it is feasible Anna looks younger than she really is.

That both Anna McMahon and Katarina Rostova have red hair does seem to be a clue towards something. However, it could be a coincidence. Even though nothing on The Blacklist ever seems coincidental.

Okay, But How Likely Is It?

If Anna McMahon is Liz’s mom, then she knows that Red is really Ilya. Anna tried to get Red executed earlier in Season 6, which is something that Katarina has no motive to do. Unless there is some sort of double cross that unfolded between Ilya and Katarina.

That would explain why Red did not want Liz to know the truth. If he and Katarina had a falling out over something, he might have wanted to protect Liz (and himself) from that coming out. The Blacklist’s creator, Jon Bokenkamp, did say there would be surprises in store regarding Anna McMahon in the finale. Could this be one of the ones he was hinting at?

If it is, there has been no on-screen foreshadowing that Anna is Katarina. The two characters’ storylines are running parallel with no indications of a future merge. Also, if Katarina were near Liz, you would think she would give her daughter a longing look or two. Nothing like that has happened.

What I Think About Anna And Katarina

Personal instinct says that Anna McMahon and Katarina Rostova are not the same person. However, I do think there is a distant possibility that Anna could be Liz’s sister. We already know that Liz has a sister through her father, Raymond Reddington. She could also have another sister by her mother.

Katarina may have had a child before Liz and given her up for adoption. Maybe Anna blames “Raymond Reddington” for why her biological mother did not raise her. If she is Katarina’s daughter, her motives could be vast.

It may seem like a stretch, but in a universe where Red has been an imposter the whole time, anything goes. Plus, it would give meaning to Anna and Katarina both having red hair as a potential clue that has been staring viewers in the face. Of course, it could be another red herring. Either way, viewers (including this one) will be curious to find out.

Tune in and find out if Anna and Katarina are connected on The Blacklist. New episodes air Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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