The Bachelorette: Hannah And Luke P. Might Have Just Had The Most Infuriatingly Frustrating Date In Franchise History

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Bachelorette. Be sure to come back once you've caught up!

Everyone watching this season of The Bachelorette knows that there's already been a lot of drama between the guys vying for Hannah Brown's heart on the show, but things reached an unexpected fever pitch tonight. Luke P., ever the source of controversy, got a one-on-one date with Hannah, but it did not go well. It went so badly, in fact, that she didn't even give him a rose after the date. We've got the details on how it all went down.

The episode opened with the ending to another issue involving Luke P. Last week, he and Luke S. got into it over the fact that Luke S. said that Luke P. kneed him in the head while they were playing rugby on a group date. Luke S. talked to Hannah about it, but Luke P. denied that it was done on purpose and went a step further by telling her that he didn't think Luke S. was there "for the right reasons," noting that he's never heard him talk about Hannah, but only about the brand of liquor Luke S. is trying to launch.

As we suspected would happen, Luke S. did, indeed, take himself out of the running when he pulled Hannah aside right before the rose ceremony, apologized if he caused her any trouble, warned her to keep her eyes open and then left. The rest of the guys were upset; especially once the rose ceremony was over and...surprise! Luke P. was still on board the Bachelorette train.

So, what's Hannah's reason for keeping him? Well, she did explain her reasoning in the episode. It doesn't make much sense, but here's what she had to say:

The guys might not understand, not get it, but Luke P. is here because my heart wants him to still be here. My head doesn’t always want him to be here. There are red flags, but I haven’t had the chance to get to know him the way I want.

Um, if Hannah can admit, for the umpteenth time, that there are "red flags", why does she even still want to get to know Luke P.? Ah, I guess the heart wants what it wants, huh? Moving on...all the way to Inverness, Scotland!

Hannah, already in Scotland and waiting for the guys to show up, says that she wants them to "leave the drama behind" when they get there. HA! When the gents arrive, she pops into the drinking establishment they've sauntered off to and tells them she wants the week to be "super fun" and for all of them to "reset" so they can all be on the same page. Then she takes Mike off for a one-on-one date, and Luke P. is clearly pissed, though he remains calm in front of the guys.

The rest of the guys, however, begin to take Luke P. to task for what happened with Luke S. That's right, in public. When Luke P. claims he's been doing his best to be upfront with Hannah and everyone else, they say he "smeared" Luke S.

Hannah and Mike's date goes really well, with him saying that he can see himself getting down on one knee in a few weeks. Meanwhile, after the group date is announced, Devin says one of the best things anyone has said this season when he's talking during his confessional about Luke P.

I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but right now I just feel like Luke P. is a big ass douche canoe!

Can I just say that I love Devin right now? OK, moving on...

The group date, which Luke P. was not on, involved the guys doing traditional Scottish manly things in kilts, including wrestling, and it went really well. Hannah had fun. The guys all had fun. And, later, Hannah is willing to admit that it probably went so well because Luke P. wasn't around. Sounds like another one of your "red flags" to me, Hannah Brown.

So, because Luke P. wasn't on the group date, this means that he and Hannah are headed for a one-on-one the very next day. And, it doesn't go well. Hannah wants to get to the bottom of why everyone hates him and they go around and around and he cannot give her the answer she wants. She wants to know how everything is making him feel and he keeps saying that he's there for her, so while being "disrespected" by the others isn't right, it doesn't hurt him.

Hannah is so frustrated by not getting the answer she wants that she leaves their traditional mountaintop Bachelor franchise picnic date at one point to talk to some of the producers. She tells them Luke "has to have emotions, right?" and asks them if someone can talk to him and explain what she means when she says she wants to know how he feels, but the producers tell her that she has to tell him.

Hannah goes back and flops down in frustration and, what can I say? I cannot think of anyone watching this marathon disappointment of a date at this point who is not as frustrated as Hannah is. She keeps asking for the same thing: for Luke P. to be real with her. And, he keeps saying the same thing in return: I'm here for you. I want to give you clarity. I don't know why they don't like me. Everyone else, everywhere else I've ever been, has always liked me (that's not a direct quote, but it's not an exaggeration of what Luke P. said, either).

Their date actually took up the last half hour of the show. And nothing was learned. Not by Hannah. Remember, she keeps asking Luke P. to be real and tell her how this whole experience is making him feel, but he just refuses to admit anything is getting to him. Hannah does admit a lot of things about her feelings for Luke P, though. She says she shouldn't like him but still does. She says he seems to just keep telling her what she wants to hear instead of telling the truth and opening up.

While getting ready to meet Luke for the usually sexy, confessional, nighttime portion of their date, Hannah also has more truth bombs to drop...

I really like Luke and I hate saying that because I don’t want to like him. I want to send him home like everyone else who’s pissed me off. But, what if I send him home and he’s the one for me? I need to stop making excuses for him because I’m not doing that with anyone else. I don’t know what I’m going to do tonight.

Phew. Well, when Hannah walks in and sits down she is as real as can be. She tells Luke that the earlier part of their date went horrible and that she was hoping to get to the bottom of things, have him finally open up and fight for their relationship. But, he's got walls up because he wants to seem perfect and control what people see, and she can't get to know him like that. Adding that she doesn't want that, but "a real man, who's not perfect."

As could be expected by now, Luke and Hannah's dinner conversation devolves, once again, into the same frustrating, maddening round and round that they had that day. When Luke says that the date hasn't gone as well as he thought it would, either, and that he's now starting to worry that he's "on thin ice" with her, Hannah replies with "Yeah, you are!" Cringe, cringe, cringe...

After more of Luke saying the same stuff and Hannah pointing that out to him (and her saying in her confessional that he always goes back "to the weird, robotic Luke that I'm used to") she picks up the rose to put an end to things for the night. Hannah then admits that she's never felt an initial attraction with anyone like she did with him, but notes that "it's scary" she can't get what she needs from him, adding...

I gave you time to help you give me clarity, and you didn’t. After today I don’t feel good and don’t know how I feel about you. This is not what I hoped for. I am always, good or bad, excited to talk to you and want to know more, but honestly, today is the worst a date has gone for me...I see you, but what’s under there? I wanna know who you are and I don’t. Sometimes I can see you as my future husband and sometimes there are no roads that give me what I want. I can’t give you this rose.

And, that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we ended things tonight. Luke gave Hannah none of the answers she wanted. Hannah didn't give him the typical one-on-one date rose. But, she also seems to have declined to ask him to leave.

Will there be more ridiculously fruitless dates between Hannah and Luke as The Bachelorette continues? Or, will he finally give Hannah the answers she needs? Can we count on him continuing to be a creepy weirdo that Hannah just can't let go of even though she's getting way closer to other guys? When will Luke finally lose all of his shit and berate Garrett? You can tune in to The Bachelorette at 8 p.m. EST on ABC every Monday to find out!

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