Could Full House Get Another Spinoff After Fuller House Ends On Netflix?

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Beloved characters from Full House made their way back to the small screen in 2016 with spinoff Fuller House on Netflix. Although several of the major characters weren't on board as regulars (and/or didn't appear at all), Fuller House was a blast from the past for folks feelings nostalgic for the original series. The show will end after the upcoming fifth season, but does that mean the Fuller House franchise is done for good?

Well, according to recurring star and producer John Stamos, that's not necessarily the case. Stamos weighed in on the potential for another Full House spinoff following the end of Fuller House, saying this:

There's a lot of energy. I haven't spoken about this at all. I'm not going to really, but there's a lot of energy still with that show. There's too much happiness that that show has brought for a lot of people. So it's not going to go down easy.

Well, pin a rose on my nose! The end of Fuller House may not be the last time fans see the Full House crew on the small screen. Although John Stamos didn't drop any details -- if there are any details at this point -- about prospective spinoffs in his chat with ET, his comments are still promising. Energy and happiness can be key to producing TV shows; if the cast is willing, maybe the end isn't entirely nigh!

Fuller House has already survived some unexpected complications. As if the Olsen twins turning down the opportunity to join the family reunion as Michelle Tanner wasn't enough, Fuller House cuts ties with creator Jeff Franklin over workplace misconduct. Although Franklin filed a lawsuit claiming that he was wrongfully booted from the show, disturbing allegations were recently revealed about his exit.

And then there's the the Lori Loughlin scandal! The Aunt Becky actress isn't expected to return for Season 5 after the whole college admissions fiasco, so we can presumably rule her out for the potential sequel. Maybe Aunt Becky can move to New York to hang out with Michelle! After all, it's not like Uncle Jesse has to go anywhere. John Stamos sounds like he'll continue to be involved with the franchise. Then again, that could simply be in a producing capacity.

Now, what kind of spinoff would be a solid next step for the Full House franchise? Although we can probably rule out The Adventures of Michelle Tanner and Aunt Becky's Exploits, D.J., Michelle, and Kimmy's stories could all continue. Nothing is guaranteed at this point, but at least viewers saddened by the upcoming end of Fuller House have reason to hope for more of these characters even after the final Fuller House credits roll.

The 18-episode fifth and final season will be split into two halves that air separately, with the first half expected to debut at some point this fall. News of a potential spinoff leads me to wonder if Fuller House will end without much in the way of closure. We'll have to wait and see. That wait will last for a while still, but there are plenty of viewing options on Netflix to keep you busy during the rest of Fuller House hiatus.

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