This Is Us Season 4 Has Started Production, Here's How Mandy Moore Celebrated

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It feels like summer television just got started. However, fall is closer than you think! If you are ready for the return of This Is Us, Mandy Moore has posted the tweet for you! The hit NBC drama is already in production on Season 4.

Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca Pearson, on the hit series, took to Twitter to celebrate This Is Us starting production again. Along with a sweet caption, Moore shared a behind-the-scenes picture from the set of Season 4 with a special guest star by her side. Check it out below:

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Fans are undoubtedly just as excited to see it! Mandy Moore shared that she and co-star Milo Ventimiglia shot the first scene of Season 4, opening the door to some This Is Us speculation. Does this mean that Jack and Rebecca will kick off the fourth season? Or is this just the first scene being filmed?

Either way, it looks like This Is Us will be taking viewers back in time to another critical moment in the fan-favorite couple’s lives together. As Rebecca, Mandy Moore is donning some serious throwback style alongside her co-star. Milo Ventimiglia also giving off vintage vibes as Jack. What will the duo be up to in the past? You will have to tune in and find out.

This Is Us has gotten renewed for three more seasons. So, there will be a lot more episodes available to take in even more heartbreaking moments. Having gotten renewed for three more seasons could mean only two more being left after Season 4. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. Season 4 is coming!

The drama will be introducing a significant family member to the cast next season. They have deep familial ties to Mandy Moore’s character, so stay tuned. Things are about to get very interesting for viewers and Rebecca Pearson. Could the Jack/Rebecca scene from Season 4 be the one that introduces this “prominent” new character? Maybe.

The addition of a new character is not the only change in store for the drama. It will be gaining one person and losing another. This Is Us will be without a key character next season. A decision that executive producer, Isaac Aptaker, explained.

This Is Us will welcome a new star. Once Upon a Time and House vet Jennifer Morrison has signed on to star in Season 4. While some fans may have an idea of who she could be playing, CinemaBlend’s Mick Joest has other potential options. There are more possibilities than you may think.

When This Is Us ended its latest season, it offered some resolution to its flash-forward storyline. The one that involved the mysterious “her” that viewers kept hearing about. “She” turned out to be Rebecca. Viewers also learned that Randall and Beth are still together in the future. Kevin has a son, while Toby told Randall his and Kate’s son, and an undisclosed someone, would be on their way.

Stay tuned to find out what it all means! This Is Us Season 4 premieres Tuesday, September 24 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. To help pass the time, there are a lot of summer premieres.

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