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The Hills' Stephanie Pratt Says No Season 2 After Going Off On Spencer Pratt And Heidi Montag

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The Hills’ Stephanie Pratt has confirmed that she is not doing Season 2 after she went off on Spencer Pratt and Heid Montag. It all went down on social media, where Stephanie Pratt posted a lengthy message addressing her brother, sister-in-law, and co-stars.

To recap, Spencer Pratt is Stephanie Pratt’s brother, and Heidi Montag is Stephanie’s sister-in-law. They were all on the original Hills together. Stephanie Pratt made her debut in Season 3. According to Pratt, she will not be taking part in the second season of the revival series. In an Instagram post, The Hills star posted the following:

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MTV recently announced that The Hills revival would be back for another season. In the comments section of her post, Stephanie Pratt answered a fan curious if she would be on Season 2. To which Pratt responded with a short “no.”

When MTV initially announced the revival’s renewal, it did not specify which cast members would be back for Season 2. So, time will tell if Stephanie Pratt is the only cast member not returning for it.

In her Instagram missive, which she posted yesterday (July 24), Stephanie Pratt explained that she is back home in London, England. Far away from The Hills’ California setting. In her caption, Pratt says that she has "no words" for "how evil" her sister-in-law, Heidi Montag, "truly" is and references that infamous incident from back on the original Hills.

“WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU DID 10 years ago” was a seeming callback to Lauren Conrad’s line to Heidi Montag during The Hills, which Conrad said in the Season 3 premiere. At the time, Conrad told Montag, “You know what you did!” accusing her co-star and one-time friend of starting a “sick little rumor about me!”

Years ago, Heidi Montag reflected on her rift with Lauren Conrad after an anniversary special aired for The Hills. At the time, Montag said that her falling out with Conrad still made her sad, “even years later.” Years have gone by since the original Hills aired, however, some things have not changed. There is still a lot of drama in front-of and off-camera.

After lots of speculation last year, MTV announced that The Hills would be coming back for a revival. Bringing much of the original cast back with the notable exception of Lauren Conrad. It was not until May of this year that a trailer for The Hills: New Beginnings finally got released.

It teased the return of Heidi Montag and others, along with new cast addition Mischa Barton. Yes, the star of The O.C. joined the cast and MTV’s development head, Lily Neumeyer, explained why. The first season of The Hills: New Beginnings premiered late last month.

New episodes of The Hills: New Beginnings air Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. It is one of this summer’s many new offerings.

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