Vikings Season 6 Is 'Coming Soon' And It's A 'Banger,' Alexander Ludwig Says

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Alexander Ludwig is teasing Vikings Season 6 in a big way! The actor, who plays Bjorn on the History series, hints that the sixth season is “coming soon” and that it is a “banger.” Let the anticipation continue to mount!

Fans of the History series are currently awaiting a premiere date for Vikings’ final season. “Coming soon” is not an exact date, but it is a promising timeframe. Check out Alexander Ludwig’s full post below replete with a picture of him and co-star Katheryn Winnick:

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The Vikings star teased Season 6 on Instagram. He is not the first of the Vikings cast to do so. The “banger” portion of Alexander Ludwig’s post sounds like something fans will want to behold. Now, if viewers could only get to see a full-blown trailer for the sixth season!

They have gotten a teaser trailer, which offered a surprising level of insight into Vikings’ final chapter. Adding to the anticipation is the sneak peek that Alexander Ludwig’s co-star, Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), shared for Season 6. It did not offer the best omen for Ludwig’s Bjorn going forward. We know that a “he” will die. The question is which “he” it will be.

There are many men to choose from. Alexander Ludwig’s Bjorn ended Season 5 on a pretty seismic note. He was crowned King of Kattegat in the finale. Will he stay that way for long? Could the “he” that dies for everyone be Bjorn? It would explain why Lagertha is speaking and seeming to address her fellow denizens. Presumably at a memorial of some sort.

Still, what if Alexander Ludwig means the positive side of the term’s meaning? Bjorn dying right as he finally got his hands on power would be a bummer, not necessarily a “banger.” Unless you are an Ivar fan that wants to see the character head back from Rus to get the throne of Kattegat back.

As someone who did not enjoy his reign of terror, this Vikings viewer is ready to see Bjorn rule for a while. Speaking of Bjorn, it seems like his children may be getting attention from their grandmother in Season 6. Katheryn Winnick teased Lagertha redefining “who she is now as a grandmother.”

Bjorn and his new wife were talking about adding to the family, so there may be more grandchildren for Lagertha to enjoy. In related news, fans will also find out what leads to the fate of a Vikings fan-favorite in Season 6. It is a destiny that the actor seemed to recently confirm. Of course, longtime fans have known that twist was probably coming for a while.

One thing I will be curious to find out is if Lagertha confirms or clarifies who Bjorn’s biological father is in Season 6. Last season, Rollo made the bombshell assertion (even though hints existed) that he is Bjorn’s bio-dad, and not his famous brother, Ragnar. Does Vikings’ sixth season contain the answer? It is “coming soon,” so stay tuned.

History has not announced a premiere date for Vikingssixth and final season. Hopefully, “soon” is super soon. You can currently catch Seasons 1 through 5 of Vikings on Amazon Prime Video. For non-Vikings content, check out summer’s selection of premieres.

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