Big Brother Spoilers: Good Sign? Final HOH Part 2 Winner Usually Wins The Whole Season

Big Brother 21 Memory Wall at Final 3 CBS

SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Here's some good news for anyone who can't stand Jackson Michie on Big Brother 21, aka almost everyone: For the past seven seasons in a row, the houseguest who won the Final HOH Part 2 competition has gone on to win the entire season. That rules out Jackson. Will the 2019 season continue the streak or break it?

UPDATE from way early Sunday morning: Here are the Final HOH Part 2 results.

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That little Big Brother Part 2 statistic didn't even dawn on me until today (Friday, September 20) after it was already revealed that Jackson won Final HOH Part 1. The first comp was a puzzle, and Nicole Anthony was kicking herself because puzzles are usually her strength. But if Part 2 plays out in keeping with Big Brother history, Nicole still has a good chance of winning it all. Maybe even a better chance now that she's lost Part 1?

Final HOH Part 2 has not played out as of late Friday afternoon, West Coast time. There was talk that it would either happen late Friday night or on Saturday. I'm guessing Saturday. Stay tuned for updates on how that plays out, and what it might mean if BB21 sticks to recent tradition.

Only Holly Allen and Nicole Anthony can compete, so that would mean Holly or Nicole might have the best chances to win Big Brother 21.

Here's the fact as I saw it on Twitter, then checked for myself:

It's true. You have to go back to Porsche in Big Brother Season 13 to find a Part 2 winner who did not go on to win the whole season. Kaycee, Josh, Nicole, Steve, Derrick, Andy, and Ian all won Final HOH Part 2 before winning the $500,000 grand prize. Not all of them won Part 3. Didn't matter.

In Nicole Anthony's case, she would probably have to win Part 2 to be able to make Part 3 -- unless Holly blindsided Jackson by picking Nicole for Final 2. That would be awesome, but it's not likely. If Holly wins Part 2, then she would historically have the best chance of winning Big Brother. That would require a jury bitter against Jackson, which is certainly possible. Cliff Hogg III is going to do his best to poison the jury against Jackson, and Jackson's own goodbye message to Cliff is unlikely to help:

This guy.

I don't think Big Brother 21 has been "rigged" for Jackson, but I'm not interested in expending more energy on the idea either. I have said all season that Jackson should've been punished for breaking Have-Not rules -- the rules exist for a reason -- but instead production covered it up like it never happened, and then just mysteriously stopped having Have-Nots without explaining on TV why that classic BB staple was gone.

However, I don't think every single comp that Jackson wins was rigged for him to win the season. And I do think Nicole is more likely to win it all anyway. If she doesn't win, Holly probably will. Maybe the Big Brother Part 2 streak will end with Big Brother 21 and Jackson will win it all, but we'll see. It's something to give fans hope!

Big Brother 2019 is now winding down, with the final episodes airing this Sunday, September 22 and Wednesday, September 25 on CBS.

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