Emmys 2019 Poll: Which TV Show Should Win Best Drama?

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Time for a 2019 Emmys poll to decide which TV show should win the award for Best Drama! Eight dramas are vying for the title, and they are all over the genre map. What they all share in common is being critical favorites. By the end of this Sunday (September 22), one series will have walked away a winner.

Here are the nominees and then weigh in with your pick for which show should win in the poll below! First up is the prequel spinoff to an Emmys juggernaut – Breaking Bad. Think you know, which show I am referring to? And the nominee is…

Better Call Saul

If you said Better Call Saul, you called up the right show! If it wins the Emmy award for Outstanding Drama on Sunday, it will be the first time Better Call Saul has won. Its current nomination is the show’s fourth. Three of the show’s actors are nominated. Bob Odenkirk for Outstanding Lead Actor; and Jonathan Banks and Giancarlo Esposito for Supporting Actor in a Drama.


Another nominee is Bodyguard. To say that the drama was mega-popular and critically acclaimed last year would probably be an understatement. The series stars Game of Thrones alum Richard Madden as the eponymous “bodyguard.” Despite winning the 2018 Golden Globe for his performance, the Emmys snubbed Madden. Can the show pull off solo success?

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones’ record-setting amount of 2019 nominations got people talking. A recent poll indicated that despite the loud and much-publicized backlash, most fans were satisfied with the final season. Did Emmy voters feel the same way? It is the reigning Outstanding Drama Series. Can it defend its title one last time? Stay tuned.

Killing Eve

Killing Eve returned with its second season after a record-breaking first season in the ratings. Sandra Oh (Eve) and Jodie Comer (Villanelle) are both nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress. Their co-star Fiona Shaw (Carolyn) is up for Outstanding Supporting Actress. Will they and the show walk away victorious? Time will tell.


Netflix’s crime drama Ozark is also a contender. As fans anticipate its third season, the Emmys are still celebrating its second. Emmy nominee Jason Bateman has his thoughts for why audiences have responded so positively to the drama. Will the Emmys’ enthusiasm match theirs? Find out. Bateman (Lead Actor in a Drama), Laura Linney (Lead Actress in a Drama), and Julia Garner (Supporting Actress) are also nominated.


Ryan Murphy co-created the 1980s-set drama Pose, which is also nominated for Outstanding Drama Series. The critically acclaimed series, which has made historical strides in LGBTQ representation on television, recently had its second season air. Billy Porter, who plays Pray Tell, is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Time will tell if both the show and Porter win!


CinemaBlend’s Gina Carbone wants her dad to give Succession a try. The HBO drama undoubtedly hopes Emmy voters will have viewed it with the same enthusiasm. While the series is nominated, the cast was ignored. A Succession victory would mean the Outstanding Drama crown passing from one HBO series to another.

This Is Us

The NBC drama is gearing up for its fourth season, but it could get receive the highest honor for its third. The renowned tear-jerker is coming into the Emmys not only nominated as a show, but with its cast recognized as well. Sterling K. Brown and Milo Ventimiglia are nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama. Mandy Moore (Rebecca) is contending for Outstanding Lead Actress.

One of these shows will walk away the victor, which one do you think will win the Emmy for Best Drama? Weigh in via the poll below:

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Find out which drama series wins when the 2019 Emmy Awards air September 22 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. It is all happening as this fall’s premieres begin to get underway.

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