Looks Like Stephen Amell's Oliver Gets The Crap Beat Out Of Him In Arrow-verse Crisis Crossover

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It seems like for all the surprise castings and twists "Crisis On Infinite Earths" has confirmed, there's still relatively little known about what the Arrow-verse's actual heroes will be up to in the mega crossover. Of course, we have a good idea that they'll be trying to prevent the multiverse's destruction, and will likely put their lives on the line to do so.

We also know that there will probably be death as key characters we've come to love may say goodbye by the time things are all said and done. Many are assuming Oliver Queen is on the list of characters set to die considering Arrow will conclude not long after the crossover, and those skeptical may feel more certain after seeing this picture Stephen Amell shared from the set.

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Judging from this picture, it looks like Oliver is going to get some bumps and bruises throughout the course of "Crisis On Infinite Earths." That partially stitched gash on his head looks particularly nasty, and may tease that the action is so rampant in this special that heroes won't have a proper amount of time to lick their wounds before jumping back into the fight.

Another interesting bit from this picture is Oliver's longer hair, which is messy and unkempt. It definitely looks like hairstyles aren't a priority during "Crisis," but at least Oliver hasn't gone full Lian Yu with his hair. Not even the end of the worlds will allow him to revert back to that hairstyle.

We have no idea, nor is there any real context as to when Oliver will take those lumps we saw in his Twitter picture. We do know the script had a profound effect on Amell though, and that Arrow's part of the crossover doesn't air until January. We also know two episodes of Arrow will air following the crossover, so as bad as he looks here, he may not be quite dead by the end of "Crisis On Infinite Earths."

Despite the fact that Oliver Queen is in for a hell of a final season, Stephen Amell has confirmed his character won't be a sad sack all throughout Season 8. He's still pushing forward with hope that he will see his wife, infant daughter, and son again, and that will keep him chugging even when the stakes are low.

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