The Boys Creator Is Reuniting With Two Timeless Vets For Season 2 On Amazon

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The Boys on Amazon is a pretty far cry from Timeless during its run on NBC, but the two shows had something major in common from the start: creator/showrunner Eric Kripke. While Timeless was cancelled for the second and final time back in 2018, Kripke is bringing a touch of Timeless to The Boys in its second season. Two Timeless vets have joined the cast of The Boys: Goran Visnjic and Claudia Doumit.

On Timeless, Goran Visnjic played antagonist Garcia Flynn, who was a former NSA asset who gained the means to time travel, requiring a team of heroes to try and chase him down. He did eventually join the good guys to stop a larger threat. On The Boys, Visnjic will play the charismatic head of a mysterious church by the name of Alistair Adana.

No more details are available about his character at this point, but mysterious churches on TV shows rarely seem to mean good news for the heroes. Then again, this is The Boys. When does this show ever do the expected?

As for Claudia Doumit, she played a talented young programmer by the name of Jiya Marri on Timeless. Deadline reports that Doumit will play a young wunderkind congresswoman, Victoria Neuman, on The Boys. She sounds more like an ally to The Boys in Season 2, as the government seemed determined to stand against having the Supes sanctioned by the U.S. military, even if Homelander did find a way to make their services seem necessary by the end of Season 1.

Then again, if Vought has something on Claudia, she may not be an ally in the least. A lot may depend on what Vought looks like after the death of Madelyn Stillwell, which Homelander didn't exactly put a lot of thought or calculation into before he did it.

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Will there be a power vacuum that leaves an opening for altruistic representatives to step in at Vought, perhaps while Homelander is busy with his own son, Billy Butcher, and Billy's very-much-not-dead wife? Or will opportunistic reps try to step in a get a piece of the Supes pie themselves? It was a very lucrative business.

That said, Vought may need to go into damage control. With Madelyn dead, Homelander going rogue, The Deep going off the deep end after being sent to Sandusky in exile after sexually assaulting Starlight, Starlight turning on the Supes to help The Boys, A-Train being seriously injured, Translucent dead, Queen Maeve showing doubts about The Seven way of life, and Black Noir remaining a mystery, The Seven is all but ruined.

The first looks at Season 2 so far suggest it will be a bloody mess, probably in the very best ways. Amazon did say "FUCK NO" to one scene in The Boys Season 1, according to Season 1, and there was a wild sex scene that had be axed, but the first season definitely did some things that no other show on television can offer.

The Boys surpassed Amazon's expectations for the first season, which is saying something considering Amazon had renewed The Boys for Season 2 before Season 1 even premiered. Co-creator Seth Rogen revealed that The Boys production team has more resources for the second season, and he was impressed by the Season 2 premiere.

You can find The Boys Season 1 streaming on Amazon Prime now. For some viewing options while we wait for Season 2, swing by our 2019 Fall TV Premiere Schedule.

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