Yellowstone's Cole Hauser Shares Stunning Photo From Jimmy's 'Last Day' On Season 3

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Yellowstone star Cole Hauser has shared a stunning photo from Jimmy actor Jefferson White’s last day filming Season 3. The vital word being the last day filming Season 3, as in not his final day of filming ever. The thought of the hit drama without White’s Jimmy is enough to put a shiver down any spine!

If you have been missing the picturesque scenery of Yellowstone, then the picture Cole Hauser shared on social media should help satiate you. In the image from the set of Season 3, you can see Hauser standing next to his co-star and frequent scene partner, Jefferson White. Check out the incredible clouds above the ranch!

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When is Season 3 premiering? Not soon enough! Pictures like these are destined to make Yellowstone fans homesick for the television return of the Dutton’s ranch. Cole Hauser’s previous Game of Thrones evoking tease regarding the drama’s upcoming season has similarly stoked anticipation.

Jefferson White also took to Instagram to commemorate his last stretch of time filming Season 3. The actor posted a cool snapshot from the set with a sweet caption. Pictured in the photo are White’s co-stars: Cole Hauser (Rip), Kevin Costner (John Dutton), and Season 3 series regular, Forrie J. Smith (Lloyd):

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How nice! Jefferson White’s Jimmy has undoubtedly been impacted by Rip, John, and Lloyd. However, Rip and Lloyd especially stepped up to the plate to help Jimmy last season. It is exciting to imagine what Season 3 may have in store for the Yellowstone characters. I am hoping that Jimmy’s rodeo career will continue to grow.

Whatever happens, anticipation for the currently spinoff-less Yellowstone is continuing to build! A CBS star wants to be on the show, and as Yellowstone’s Denim Richards (Colby) previously shared, they are not alone . Kelly Reilly (Beth) recently revealed that filming on Season 3 was finishing “strong.” What is in store for the next installment?

Cue the incredible Yellowstone theme song as teases commence! The previous season’s finale set up the potential for a very different Season 3. A first look at the third season revealed new characters and a pretty hopeful kiss between soulmates (in my opinion), Rip and Beth. Speaking of Rip’s true love, a particular aspect of Beth’s life is set to get explored more in Season 3.

Yellowstone’s creator hinted that Beth’s beyond-troubled relationship with her brother, Jamie, will get really explored in Season 3. As far as Rip is concerned, he is heading into Yellowstone’s next season with a lot in place. After enduring quite the test at John Dutton’s behest, Rip came out of it with a positive (and tear-jerking) twist.

Who else cannot wait for the dramatic Western to return? Yellowstone Season 3 does not have a premiere date yet. It will make its return on Paramount Network. While you wait for Rip and Jimmy to ride again, check out this fall’s premieres.

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