Yellowstone Season 3 Filming Is Finishing 'Strong,' Beth Star Kelly Reilly Teases

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Filming on Season 3 of Yellowstone is finishing “strong,” according to Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton on the modern Western. Good news for fans of the Paramount Network’s smash hit drama! The actress took to Instagram to give an update about how the shoot was going. She also expressed her affection for the show’s filming location in Montana.

In an insightful post, Kelly Reilly explained that filming on Yellowstone Season 3 was entering its final stretch. It turns out that the cast and crew have been at it for a while. Hopefully, shooting has included some scenes explaining Beth’s hatred for her brother Jamie. There had been some positive news on that front. Check out Reilly’s post below:

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As you can tell from the picture, Kelly Reilly is rocking some Yellowstone fashion. The hat that she is sporting dons the name and emblem of the Duttons' ranch. Reilly is not the only one who is a fan of wearing Yellowstone apparel. A CBS star has previously taken to social media wearing some. Theirs was different than Reilly’s.

After seeing Kelly Reilly’s post, Yellowstone fans were quick to wonder – how can they get one of those super cool "Dutton Ranch" hats? Reilly responded and began an effort to get fans their fashionable heart’s desire! She sent her comment to the show’s official Instagram page. Reilly wrote:

@Yellowstone @paramountnetwork people need hats!? What can we do?

Here is hoping that something can happen! In the meantime, there is a lot to look forward to on the Yellowstone Season 3 front. Cole Hauser, who plays Rip (the love of Beth Dutton’s life, in my opinion), previously gave fans a Season 3 filming update. He invoked Game of Thrones to do it!

After a game-changing season that saw heartache, tear-jerking moments, and hope for Beth and Rip, Season 3 should be another twisty journey. A lot of new characters are coming to town, including a man determined to flirt with Beth. Not a good idea. He may not be an issue for the beleaguered Yellowstone couple.

An already released teaser for Season 3 showed Beth and Rip sharing a kiss! After so much turmoil, it is time for some happiness for the duo. Beth’s relationship with Rip will hopefully not be the only relationship explored in Yellowstone’s next season.

I am very much hoping for more scenes between Beth and her sister-in-law Monica in Season 3. They shared some incredibly powerful moments towards the end of Yellowstone’s last season. By the finale, they had grown quite close, so there is a good reason to believe their bond can and will continue to flourish.

Then there is Beth’s caustic relationship with her brother Jamie. The secret origin surrounding why she detests him has been one of Yellowstone’s longest-running mysteries. As you can tell, there is a lot of story for the drama to continue exploring. I cannot wait to see more of Kelly Reilly’s phenomenal performance as Beth Dutton!

Yellowstone Season 3 does not have a release date yet. It will premiere on Paramount Network. In a bid to manage the arduous wait, check out this fall’s premieres.

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