Netflix's Dead To Me Season 2 Is Adding A Santa Clarita Diet Alum

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When I first started watching Netflix's Dead to Me -- starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini -- one thing I loved about it was how the tone kinda reminded me of Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet. I will never be over Netflix cancelling Santa Clarita Diet after three seasons, but at least one of the stars of that Netflix series is now moving over to Dead to Me Season 2 -- and I think it'll be a perfect fit.

Natalie Morales played sheriff's deputy Anne Garcia on Santa Clarita Diet -- and she's also known from her own short-lived NBC series Abby's, along with The Grinder, White Collar, and Parks and Recreation. You might not know her first from Santa Clarita Diet, but you probably know her from somewhere, and she's a great addition to the Dead to Me team.

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According to Variety, Natalie Morales will be playing the recurring role of Michelle in Dead to Me Season 2, which is now filming. Michelle is described by the site as wry and down-to-earth, with a relaxed charm and infectious wit. She connects with Judy (Linda Cardellini) at the Assisted Living Facility where Michelle's difficult mother is said to live.

Do you think Michelle will be a complication in the Judy and Jen (Christina Applegate) dynamic in Dead to Me Season 2? No Dead to Me Season 1 finale spoilers here, but Jen is not going to want Judy to get too loose-lipped with anyone. Judy can be needy and maybe say too much and that could be an issue. Or Jen could just get jealous of Judy having a new friend.

I'm excited to see what happens for everyone in Dead to Me Season 2. Christina Applegate earned an Emmy nomination for playing widowed Jen, who tries to solve the mystery of her late husband's hit-and-run murder. She meets sweet but flaky Judy at a support group and they become fast friends -- with a lot of complications along the way.

There aren't many direct parallels between Netflix's Dead to Me and Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet, but I personally had the same feeling watching both -- although Dead to Me is ever-so-slightly more serious than the almost pure comedy of Santa Clarita. At the heart of both series is a strong dynamic between the two leads.

Natalie Morales should be a fun addition to the new ensemble, and a lot of fans should be watching her on Netflix since Dead to Me was revealed as one of the streamer's top 10 most-watched shows of last year. Hopefully The Powers That Be trust Dead to Me's creator enough now that they don't give her more notes that drive her crazy.

Dead to Me Season 2 doesn't have a premiere date yett on Netflix, but stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you too are missing Santa Clarita Diet, at least we know Timothy Olyphant found a cool new TV role.

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