Stephen Amell Is Apparently Too Emotional For Arrow's Final Episodes

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Arrow will come to an end at the conclusion of its shortened eighth season, and filming the final batch of episodes has apparently left leading man Stephen Amell pretty emotional. He's been active on social media, hyping both the final season and the gargantuan "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover that is only months away at this point, and he recently shared his reaction to a cut of the seventh episode. Take a look!

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Stephen and Juliana Harkavy, a.k.a. Oliver Queen and Dinah Drake, crying three times before an episode even hit the halfway point suggests fans may want to stock up on the tissues. Of course, the Season 8 premiere may have been emotional enough to send viewers for the Kleenex already. When the first episode of the last season literally shows Oliver losing Tommy and his mom all over again, can we be surprised that Arrow isn't pulling punches? Amell's Twitter reveal is definitely intriguing about what's in store for this particular episode.

The seventh episode airs following what Stephen Amell has already hyped as Arrow's "best episode ever," and it's also likely the end of Arrow as fans knew it. The eighth episode of Season 8 will be the Arrow leg of the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover (which airs in January after the first three episodes of the crossover debut in December), and as Arrow-verse fans know by this point, Oliver is slated to die in the crossover.

Of course, Arrow fans at least know that his "death" isn't quite straightforward. Although The Monitor and Oliver himself have been playing their deal as totally, absolutely, 100% ending in Oliver's death, The Flash already proved that The Monitor isn't telling everybody everything, and the Season 7 finale of Arrow revealed that Oliver secretly survived "Crisis," but spent a couple of decades somewhere seemingly other than Earth-1. Whatever happens in the crossover, the two post-"Crisis" episodes of Arrow are bound to be very different from what happened pre-"Crisis," and not just because one of them is a backdoor pilot.

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Comments from one of the Flash stars suggest that a lot of the heroes of the Arrow-verse may believe that Oliver died in the Crisis; does that mean everybody thinks he perished fighting The Anti-Monitor? If so, how is Arrow going to continue for another couple of episodes, especially if Emily Bett Rickards doesn't return for a reunion scene between Oliver and Felicity?

Was Stephen Amell crying because Episode 7 of Season 8 was the last time he got to play the Green Arrow version of Oliver rather than "Crisis" and post-"Crisis" Oliver? Or is Episode 7 just about Team Arrow trying to defeat a supervillain who hunts adorable animals, and Amell and Juliana Harkavy are sad that Arrow is killing off cute little critters?

Okay, probably not on that last count, but hopefully Season 8 won't leave viewers crying from start to finish. Stephen Amell did promise that Oliver won't be "miserable" without his family in the last season of Arrow; considering he was nearly weeping just looking at a picture of Felicity and baby Mia in the premiere, maybe being kept busy by The Monitor will be enough to distract him.

I just hope he finds some kind of coping method. If Arrow's Season 7 finale really did reveal that Oliver is all by his lonesome without his wife and kids for a couple of decades, he'll have gone a very long time without his family. Poor Oliver! Can the guy please catch a break? He was the hero who started the entire Arrow-verse, after all!

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Only time will tell. Find out what happens next for the Emerald Archer when new episodes of Arrow air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW in the fall TV lineup.

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