Kaley Cuoco Explains Why Voicing Harley Quinn Was Harder Than Her Other Work

Harley Quinn DC Universe

Harley Quinn is officially out on DC Universe, which means the world will get to see Kaley Cuoco's performance of the harlequin villain. The casting decision was not without controversy, as some fans questioned whether The Big Bang Theory actress could bring the same energy to the role as other voice actresses who played the character. How could Cuoco's voice compare to past performances by Tara Strong, or even Margot Robbie's live-action version?

Kaley Cuoco recently revealed that getting into the role of Harley Quinn was challenging, but she soon found her stride in the role eventually. As Cuoco talked about the challenges of the role in a recent interview, and mentioned the unique challenges she faced stepping into the world of voice acting.

I think with any character, especially when on a new show, it takes some getting used to. I’ve perfected certain looks and facial expressions over the years, so this in a way was harder — also because I’m voicing someone as iconic as Harley. And also, my voice is very recognizable, so I didn’t want to force an accent or try to be someone I’m not. I’m ‘Kaley as Harley,’ and accepting that early on enabled me to me free and very authentic.

Thanks to Tara Strong, Harley Quinn has had a very distinct accent for ages. Any actress who plays her has to make that decision to replicate the voice (like Margot Robbie), or to just do their own thing. Kaley Cuoco told TVLine she made the decision to not try to replicate the voice early on, and that helped her feel more organic in her delivery of lines.

Granted, that delivery didn't happen overnight. Kaley Cuoco started out into a voice, but later revealed that once she got more comfortable with her take on Harley she went back and re-recorded some of the earlier episodes in the 13-episode season just to make sure it was quality across the board.

Finding her voice may have been one thing, but how did Kaley Cuoco react to the over-the-top dialogue and swearing. The TV-MA rating is well-warranted as swears slip out of Harley's mouth faster than Barry Allen, and it's not like The Big Bang Theory was a series known for that kind of thing. Cuoco admitted that wasn't too difficult for her, and equated to her hanging out alone in her bedroom. In truth, Cuoco stated that even the raunchiest of Harley lines didn't give her pause for even a second.

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